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She Jumped In The Lion Den At The Zoo, But She Blames Her Actions On Her Boyfriend

“Because her boyfriend was driving her crazy,” 32-year-old Myah Autry jumped over the fence at the Bronx Zoo into the lions’ den. Because she thrust herself into the lions’ enclosure at the popular New York City zoo, a lot of people saw her doing it. The incident occurred on September 28, 2019, and now Myah has been arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

On Wednesday, Myah turned herself in to the cops. She is complying with their wishes and plans to appear in court on Thursday to face what the law has to throw at her. But she claims to have known what she was doing when she put her life in danger at the Bronx Zoo. Apparently, she was willing to do whatever it took to get away from her horrible boyfriend, who was making her life of a living hell.

A source told New York Daily News that Myah had planned to turn herself into the police for “some time,” and that now, “she’s basically confessing” to what she is accused of doing.

The source told the local news agency that “she did it because of rage over her boyfriend. He was driving her crazy.”

When she turned herself into the police, Myah showed up wearing an NYPD T-shirt, showing her support for law enforcement and preparing to take full responsibility for what she did that late September day in 2019 when she jumped into the lions’ den at the Bronx Zoo.

On Instagram, Myah refers to herself as Queen Empress Myah Laree Israelite. She shared photographs of herself within the lions’ den and used the opportunity to promote herself on social media. Besides entering the lions’ den, Myah also trespassed into the enclosed giraffe enclosure. She really wanted to get up close and personal with the wild animals at the Bronx Zoo.

Myah claimed that she jumped over the fence into the wild animal portions of the zoo because she was doing something that “was a lot more spiritual” than it was brash and foolish. She was communing with the animals and nature at large. She claimed to have never feared for her life during the incident.

“I fear nobody. No animal, no human, no one. So no, I didn’t fear the lion because the lion loved me. That’s why he came to me, and I let the lion know: Lion, I love you,” she told NBC4.

Myah is believed to be living in Harlem, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“I am the lion now. Can’t you tell? Have you ever heard of reincarnation? Do your history, young man!” she told a reporter before complimenting his eyes and smile and saying he was “very handsome.”

“Do your history. It’s called reincarnation. I am the lion now,” she said.

Myah turned herself in but did not think she did anything wrong criminally because she didn’t hurt the animals or anyone.

“I do know the law,” she said. “I don’t have no problem with the law. When we get together, law, we will have a good time.”

She also apologized to the lion.

“I love you, lion. I hope they are treating you right in the zoo. Know Myah loves you. I didn’t mean to mistreat you or nothing. I’ve seen how you came to me. We connected. To the kids, respect your parents, please. Your teachers. Authority.”

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