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She Left Her Puppy Home For A Few Hours. When She Came Back, She Screamed In Disbelief

Puppies are full of life. They’re playful; they’re mischievous; and they’ll get into everything they can. That’s why you need to keep your eyes open when you’re dealing with puppies. So when a dog owner left her young cockapoo home alone for a few hours, she was shocked when she came home to find out that the dog had caused more than $2,000 in damage to her beloved home.

Owner Tara Jameson thought she could leave her cockapoo, Bobbie, home alone for a little while. Nope! Although Bobbie is not a young puppy, at the tender age of four, he did not hesitate to regress to his puppy ways when he was alone with the full run of the house to himself.

Tara had tried to keep Bobbie contained. But the dog chewed a hole through the front door and was then able to get into everything around him. It was astounding to think he had done it all by himself like that.

The incident actually occurred at Tara’s mother’s home. You can imagine Tara was relieved she wasn’t going to be responsible for the mess her dog caused, although you can bet her mother wanted her to be in charge of cleaning it up.

Everyone was out of the house because they had gone to a wedding rehearsal. When they came back, they found Bobbie having way too much fun considering the damage he had just caused.

Tara had left Bobbie with everything a dog could want during a few hours of alone time. She gave him a box of new toys and hoped he would entertain himself with them. But Bobbie wanted more than the toys. He’s a spoiled cockapoo, so he tore a hole through the door of Tara’s mother’s house and got into a whole heap of trouble as he started to tear apart the walls and the furniture.

After the destruction, Tara’s mother got a new door installed because it was absolutely destroyed. She also needed to put in new floor tiles, wallpaper, and skirting boards. In other words, Bobbie did a whole heap of mess to the granny’s house.

Tara, a postal worker, was in disbelief when she came home to find the mess Bobbie had left behind.

“Bobbie went through a phase where he became quite destructive when he was left, and I even got a dog therapist to try and help. I moved in with my mum and a few days before we sadly lost our old dog. He loved her so much and really missed her. It caused him to have separation anxiety, and so I would go back to the house every couple of hours to check on him. But this was the worst he had ever done, and it wasn’t even my own house. At first, I was shocked and angry, but he was just so upset about being on his own I could understand why he had done it.”

What do you think about the damage Bobbie the cockapoo did at his owner’s mother’s house?

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