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She Lost Her Temper In The Parking Lot When She Saw How Close He Parked To Her Car

Parking lots can be stressful, whether you’re trying to locate a space and there are none near the store entrance or if, as is this case, you feel like someone is parked too close to your car. One man experienced the wrath of a woman who felt he was in the wrong, even though he pointed out that she was the one who didn’t park her car correctly.

The man snagged a video of the exchange, with the woman going off on him for parking too close to her car, noting that her daughter needs to get in and can’t. She then fires off an f-bomb and tells him angrily to “move it!” At one point, he asks “Does she do this a lot? Is she okay?” and his daughter explains, “No, she’s fine. The car is parked too close to her car.”

He then attempts to point out how she’s actually in the wrong for parking her car over the line of the parking space, explaining that his illustration is “just for fun.” He adds, “you need to stay within the lines” and is told, “so do you.”

As it turns out, he did park within the lines, as he moves the camera to show his jeep is parked “perfectly between the lines.”

When he calls the woman “loco,” she really lays into him, dropping more f-bombs, calling him “a little shit” and “an old fart,” as she explains, “you’re too old to be driving a car like that.” She attempts to insult his masculinity and manhood as well, but it’s all met with a bit of a giggle by the man.

She even asks if he’s “getting off fighting with a woman” and he calmly states, “I’m not fighting at all.” Finally, she walks angrily away and he notes, “I’m in disbelief.”

This lady’s outburst made for an entertaining YouTube video, anyway, as he explained in the video’s description: “This woman parked then I parked right after. Just as I got out she started a rant. During her first rant, she said I park like a woman. I went to move my car and she came back and started again. I am a good ranter, but this lady can RANT.”

Among the comments left on the video was one person who offered up this common sense tip: “Parking lot life hack — if you are blocked from entry on the passenger side, pull your car out and let the passenger in when the vehicle is clear of the obstruction.”

A debate over the video also lit up Reddit, with one person joking: “B-B-But don’t you see HER piont?? She was there FIRST. So now everyone has to accommodate for her shitty parking until she leaves. And onward until perpetuity. Lines are meaningless sheeple!”

Others pointed out that “he was parked almost perfectly,” while the woman was parked over the line.

One commenter thought that perhaps with a truck that wide “he should be farther back in the parking lot as a courtesy,” adding, “But definitely NOT a rage inducing moment.”

Another commenter responded: “Dude it’s just a Jeep. And he parked it perfectly. As a courtesy, she should have parked straight and not on the line.”

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