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She Met Her Brother For The First Time In 30 Years, But Then He Told Her Their Family’s Secret

Orphaned children have a tough existence. They are lonely, scared and tend to act out aggressively. The only way to give these kids the life they deserve is to find a happy family to adopt them. When siblings are orphaned together, sometimes the new family can take on both of them. But other times the brothers and sisters get separated into different households and may never meet their siblings again.

When Christina Housel was adopted, she didn’t know anything about her birth parents or anyone else in her original family. She was brought into a beautiful home and quickly became one of the family, so she never really sought out her origins.

Once she had children of her own, she decided it might be time to connect with her old family. It can be difficult to connect the dots, but after some research, she was able to find a brother – Lyles James Berryman.

At first, he didn’t really want to meet her. They had never met, never really connected and he probably didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks.

After a few days, he messaged back and agreed to meet her. She made the trek all the way from Washington down to Arizona to meet her new brother and she couldn’t have been more excited.

At first glance, they marveled at their similar features. Soon after they started discussing their childhoods, which revealed something that Christina had no idea about.

Lyles told her about living with their biological mother when he was young. She passed away when he was just a child, leaving behind Lyles and two twin sisters apparently.

He didn’t know where they lived, but both of them decided to try and get in contact with their remaining siblings. They decided to post on Facebook together to crowdsource the search but didn’t expect much at first.

Twin sisters Lauren and Ashley Rutherford saw the post and thought the faces looked rather similar to theirs. They got in touch with Lyles and Christina and set up another meeting.

Once they got together, all of them confirmed that they definitely were siblings. Christina finally got to see a picture of her mother, and everyone was in tears by the end of the emotional reunion.

Even after 30 years, these siblings were able to reconnect and form a new relationship. While they missed out on a ton of experiences together growing up, all they can do is look to the future with happiness at their new, bigger family!

Bonds between siblings can come and go throughout the years, but you always know that they have your back when needed. Even if you haven’t seen each other in a while, it can feel like it was just yesterday. There is a love that doesn’t exist with friends, which makes family all the more important.

These siblings may have missed out on a childhood, but they have many, many years of life ahead together. Christina’s children now have aunts and an uncle that they had no idea about and that’s a beautiful thing.