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She Never Thought She Could Sing Well, Takes The Stage And Proves Herself Wrong In Moments

This girl’s voice is unreal and the funny thing is, she didn’t even realize her talent.

The YouTube video, posted by Ja’lie Jewell, shows a girl seated at the piano with her back to the audience. After the first word comes out of her mouth, the crowd bursts into a cheer, then quiets down to really take in all of her amazing talent.

Ja’lie noted in the YouTube video’s description: “Our school had an open mic where anyone could do what they wanted, So this girl decided to play the piano and said that she couldn’t sing well.”

She said she couldn’t sing well? Can you believe it? The unidentified girl tackles “Rise Up,” which isn’t an easy song to sing, but she nails every single note with so much clarity and beauty, it’s remarkable that she didn’t even know she was that good.

The video has definitely won people over, garnering more than 2 million views. Those weighing in with comments on the Facebook post about the student wrote: “I would say she can sing and is amazing,” “She is awesome! Who is she?,” “Wow if that’s not singing I don’t know what is,” and “So talented I hope she sings more.”

One commenter even made this prediction: “The Voice 2018 perhaps?”

While the girl’s identity is unknown, there’s no doubt that she should continue sharing this gift with the world and hopefully she’ll turn up on our TVs for some talent competition because she’s nothing short of amazing.

The song “Rise Up” has gotten a lot of attention recently, with a group of Baltimore middle schoolers singing the tune and their video getting millions of views.

Andra Day, who sings “Rise Up” surprised the students on Good Morning America, saying in a video message: “I just wanted to send a very special shout out and thank you to the Baltimore kids choir and to the teachers. Your video was so powerful and moved me so deeply, and is moving the entire nation right now. Thank you so much for your gifts, for your passion, for your honesty. We appreciate you so much. We love you. If you have any goals or dreams of being in music, please continue to pursue them. We love you so much. God bless you.”

Choir director Kenyetta Hardison told GMA: “It’s just been amazing, all the heartwarming messages. I’ve been receiving messages from London, from Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Texas, France, it’s just all over.”

One of the students, sixth grader John Paige, noted: “I hope that people see that our school is a school of peaceful children. Our motto is, ‘The peace you see is the Jesus in me.’ I just hope we have given people hope, after we’ve gotten like 20 million views.”

One commenter noted on the GMA YouTube video: “I love how encouraging everyone has been toward these beautiful children! I’ve watched videos of them singing on several videos now, and I always get choked up. I hope that all of the opportunities that have come from that first video teaches these children that they can do anything they put their hearts and time into!!”