She Ordered A Bottle Of Shampoo Online, But What Showed Up At Her Door Had Her Calling 911 : AWM

She Ordered A Bottle Of Shampoo Online, But What Showed Up At Her Door Had Her Calling 911

These days, its normal to order most of your basic household needs online. It’s actually cheaper these days and obviously more convenient than going out to the store yourself, so why not start buying things like toilet paper, shampoo and paper towels online? Well one woman learned the hard way that it is not always as easy as it sounds when it comes to online shopping!

Nicole Mitchell, 46, recently ordered shampoo from Amazon. She was hoping to save a trip to the store and she was happy to see that they would be delivered promptly and for free. Soon, DHL was knocking at the door with her package and she couldn’t have been happier with the experience.

As she closed the door, Mitchell noticed that the box felt a bit light for the amount of shampoo she ordered. Opening the box confirmed her suspicions, as it didn’t contain a single drop of shampoo!

Inside she found 20 passports, filled with confidential information and apparently very important. DHL had really messed up the situation, but what happened when Mitchell called 999 was even worse. At first, they told her just to throw them out with her garbage.

“It’s a massive security breach – there’s terrorism all over the world – what if they had gone into the hands of a terrorist?” she told Daily Mail. “I was more frightened and perturbed because nobody wanted to explain it to me.”

DHL finally got back to her with a reason for the mixup – they apparently covered up the first label for the U.S. Embassy with the one that was supposed to be on her box of shampoo. At this point, Mitchell just wanted to get this sorted out and to get the product that she had ordered.

A representative of the embassy headed a few hours after their conversation ended to pick up the passports and soon Mitchell was relieved of her duties. She told Daily Mail that she believes someone at DHL could be running some sort of scam or fraud.

“It could be that someone inside DHL trying to commit a fraud and would get someone to kick my door in for the passports or it could be a genuine human error – but I think I deserve an explanation from DHL,” she said. “If it’s a simple human error then say it. I would say DHL are unprofessional and they really are a disgusting company.”

An embassy spokesperson confronted the situation head on, saying, “Ensuring the security and integrity of US travel documents is a top priority of the Department of State as it is crucial to securing our borders. It appears that the courier service contracted to deliver these passports mislabeled the shipping box, and we are investigating this matter thoroughly to ensure that a mistake like this doesn’t happen again.”

These documents easily could have been stolen by a criminal or sold on the black market, but thankfully Mitchell knew exactly what to do. The unfair treatment she has seen in the time since is absolutely unacceptable, however.

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