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She Posted A Photo Of Her Toes Online, And Now Everyone Wants To See More

One woman decided it was time to share her feet with the world. And she wasn’t snapping pictures of her toes because of a pedicure or something she did to them. She shared images of her toes because she has very, very long ones. And this Taiwanese student figured that the world needed to see her bizarre toes. When the internet found her image on social media, she sparked a debate about how they could possibly be that long and how she could have gotten them in the first place.

Because the student knew that her toes were different, she remained anonymous online. Although she now knows that her toes are longer than normal, she didn’t have a clue when she was growing up. Because her dad and mom both have abnormally long toes, she fit right in with hers.

Only when the student grew up did she realize her toes were different than others’. When she started going into the locker room, everyone noticed that her feet were different from all those around her. She shared the image of her toes online, and people were stunned. Many thought she was sharing a picture of her hands, not her feet. But when she assured everyone they were her toes and not fingers, the debate got rather heated.

When it comes to the rest of her body, the young lady is rather unexceptional. She is petite. Her height is only four feet and eleven inches. And she has a small frame. But her feet are her most interesting feature. The second digit on her right foot measures an astonishing two inches.

The original post was shared online and written in Chinese. Daily Mail translated parts of it and shared it on their website originally.

“Since my childhood, I have always drawn attention whenever I wear flip-flops. (People) would surround me and discuss me as if I were an animal. (I) have even been told that I hadn’t developed properly. Some people would ask me to use my ‘four hands’ to climb a tree.”

People can be cruel. But she has refused to let other people’s negative ruin her confidence. Instead, she has embraced the weirdness of her feet and celebrates them as a unique trait that helps her stand out from the masses.

Because the young woman has developed an interest in feet, she has started to study how the shape of a person’s foot correlates with certain personality traits. She fits into the “Greek feet” category, and that means she is connected to leadership, creativity, and beauty.

Other categories of feet include the Roman foot and the Egyptian foot. Roman feet have the first three toes of equal length. An Egyptian foot has the big toe as the longest.

She wrote, “When I was young, I thought they were normal toes. When I first saw other people’s toes, I thought ‘how come their toes are so short?’ As I grew up, I realized I was the bizarre one after all.”

What’s your reaction to her long toes?

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