She Posted This Photo To Show Off Her New Tattoo, But Now She’s The Laughingstock Of The Internet : AWM

She Posted This Photo To Show Off Her New Tattoo, But Now She’s The Laughingstock Of The Internet

A star of a reality television show is now facing some serious online ridicule after posting a rather provocative picture on her Instagram account. 26-year-old Naz Mila first found fame on With Zuhal Topal, a Turkish dating/matchmaking show that finished airing back in 2017. Now she’s back in the headlines after posting a picture of her new tattoo, a line of script that runs down the side of her body.

The picture features the tattoo artist showing off his work, but clearly he missed out on a rather important aspect of an English-language tattoo – knowing English, primarily.

“I can judge a single god with my wrongs and wrongs,” the tattoo nonsensically reads.

The black ink isn’t going anywhere soon, despite the backlash that Mila is now facing from her online following of almost 1 million. Commenters seem to believe that the Azerbaijani-born reality star used a bad translation website in order to find the English translation of a classic Turkish phrase.

“Only God can judge my mistakes and truths,” the original phrase states. Her copy is close, but when it comes to important phrases like this you really need to be specific.

Her legion of fans often swarms over her new posts with comments and likes as fast as they can. But this one was different – not every comment was complimentary. This was something new for Mila, considering she was one of the most popular and sought-after stars of the short-lived dating series.

With Zuhal Topal has been embroiled in a controversy as well. The show went off the air in late 2017 after allegations that contestants were engaging in sex trading for money. But that hasn’t stopped the former stars like Mila from developing their own independent following in the months since.

Heads up to those in the area – this tattoo was done at the Ramazan Silver Tattoo and Piercing Parlor in Istanbul.  If you are looking for an English language tattoo, this probably wouldn’t be the place to get it done.

Mila seems to have thought that her fans would adore her new tattoo, as they had loved every risque picture of her so far. But she’s learning an important lesson about how quickly the internet can turn on celebrities if they aren’t careful. This picture attracted nothing but ridicule, and understandably so – she probably should have double-checked the translation with someone that actually speaks half-decent English.

MailOnline covered this topic and several of their readers had some hilarious quips to share. Here are a few of the best.

“No regerts. Regret nohing. Nolege is power. You only live ones,” wrote swannys.

“Two wrongs don’t make a write,” added yorkie.

“You can’t fake style, you can’t pretend taste, you can’t learn intelligence, and you just can’t even fix stupid,” wrote Old Iron from New Zealand.

Some commenters claim that the picture is fake. It certainly doesn’t have the red outlines of a fresh tattoo, but it’s very hard to tell if the image is legitimate or not.

Do you think the tattoo is real or fake? Share your opinion in the comments below!