She Posts Photo Of Her Dog Laying On Her Stomach, Gets Urgent Call To Go To The Hospital : AWM

She Posts Photo Of Her Dog Laying On Her Stomach, Gets Urgent Call To Go To The Hospital

Dogs can sense so much more than their human owners may realize. In the case of Keola, an American Akita, he saved the life of his owner and the story really is remarkable. With the ability to smell when their owner is sick, dogs can even pick up on cancer, surprisingly enough. Keola was able to detect something in owner Alhanna Butler’s body that Butler had no idea about.

While Butler was pregnant, she noticed lower back pain, discussing the symptoms with her doctor and believing it was just pregnancy related. Keola, however, sensed that something else was wrong and began acting strangely, though Butler didn’t understand why

She explained to Mercury Press: “When the doctors sent me home and said there was nothing seriously wrong, she just sat staring at me so intently that it really scared me. I posted a picture of her doing this on Facebook and make the joke about the film Hatchi where the dog also does this and suddenly my friends all started saying I should take it seriously.”

Butler continued, “No one really understood how ill I was – but Keola did. She would nudge me and cry and I could never figure out why she had suddenly started doing this. [Her husband] Ricky said she was distraught whenever I went to work, when she had never minded before.”

Butler took the dog’s behavior seriously and returned to the hospital. Her condition was severe enough to require that she be rushed to intensive care, as she had a rare type of double kidney infection. Had the dog not have behaved so strangely, Butler might not have lived.

She explained on Facebook: “Because it was untreated for so long, it was one of the worst cases they had ever seen. On top of that I had an antibiotic resistant bug that had only ever affected one other person in the U.K. It was killing me and the doctors told me that if I had left it any longer I would have died and more than likely my son also.”

Butler also added: “I was allowed home after two weeks…after crying to the head nurse I just wanted to say thank you and show my Keola I was okay, she saved our lives. I was eventually allowed home just short of 4 weeks later. I had the videos of me returning home and her crying going crazy. She knew something was wrong with me and she knew I was now okay that moment I’ll cherish forever. She is our hero, his guardian angel and we will forever be in her debt.”

It’s so amazing that Keola detected the illness and saved Butler’s life and her baby’s as well. She later gave birth to a boy named Lincoln.

One commenter on the Life With Dogs Facebook post about the story explained how her dogs have been close companions, noting: “I have two min pins who would cuddle my belly all the time and now are attached at the hip to my 2 yr old. And now I am 38 weeks pregnant and the dogs won’t leave my side once again.”