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She Pretended To Be Pregnant So She Could Sneak A Surprise To Grandma In The Hospital

When an elderly woman fell ill and had to stay in the hospital for medical treatment, she was devastated to have to spend time away from her home. The one thing she missed more than anything was her beloved dog. Her granddaughter came to her rescue in a huge way, doing the very best thing to lift Grandma Donna’s spirits. Shelby Hennick knew exactly how to make her grandmother feel better and she soon hatched a plan.

She wouldn’t be bringing flowers, chocolates or other gifts to the hospital — Shelby knew she had to bring her grandmother’s dog, Patsy. How could she pull off this very special surprise though?

Shelby explained to Inside Edition that Grandma Donna and Patsy had an incredible bond, as her grandmother nursed the puppy from a bottle and gave the dog constant care. She noted: “She’s had this dog forever, and this dog is her baby. She was small enough to fit in the palm of her hand.”

How could she bring the dog into the hospital unnoticed? Shelby resorted to a tricky little move, putting Patsy under a blanket and pretending she had a baby in her arms!

She explained: “It was just so spur-of-the-moment and I didn’t have time to go to my grandma’s veterinarian’s office… Nobody would have stopped me to see my baby. The worst they could have told me was to leave.”

Bringing the dog to see her grandmother was an instant mood booster, as Shelby explained: “It made her a lot happier. She wasn’t feeling very good and it made her more relaxed. She did go home the next day. Medically, it didn’t have anything to do with Patsy, but I’m still thinking it had a little bit to do with her.”

Among the many comments left on social media in response to Shelby’s surprise for her grandmother were those people who believed that animals should be allowed in hospitals. One person noted: “Nothing works to comfort patients as much as seeing and petting their furbabies!”

Another person explained: “Most hospitals allow for pet visitation. Please don’t sneak animals in. Just ask the staff and most will go above and beyond to do what is best for their patients.”

Still another commenter agreed, noting: “Most hospitals will allow canine visitors if they’re will behaved, caught up on all their shots and have a clean bill of health documented.”

Another commenter explained, however, “There are many reasons not to sneak a pet into a hospital, the biggest one being pets can carry some diseases that are zoonotic, meaning they can be passed from species to species. Some of the diseases can live for a long time on surfaces etc. so not a good idea in a place where people’s immune systems are already weakened. Especially if the pet has one, the room would need to be cleaned differently to make sure the disease was killed on surfaces. It could potentially be very bad. It’s just stupid to disregard the rules, they are there for a reason. She should have gone about it the proper way.”

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