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She Ran Over When She Heard Her Boyfriend Was Hit By A Car, But That’s When Things Got Strange

One teenager decided to take the whole “promposal” fad to the next level. Over the last few years, this trend has shown people going to great lengths to ask the date of their choice out to their high school prom. Not only have people gotten very creative with the way they ask their dates out, but a good promposal reduces the chances the teen will be rejected, which is a major reason they do so much for the dance.

And when one teen was “dying to ask her to prom,” he staged a car crash to fake his death so he could make her want to date him even more. And the flamboyant 15-year-old Kiah Keys, who has a reputation for being “overly dramatic,” was in for a shock when her boyfriend upstaged her.

On April 16, Kiah received a text message, while at her barista jobs, telling her that her beloved boyfriend had been involved in a car accident.

She left her job and rushed to the parking lot in Blue Springs, Missouri. And there, she found her boyfriend, Richard Fisher, splayed out on the pavement with blood pouring from his mouth. He looked like death.

The teen is unresponsive. Kiah cries and screams and shakes his body. But her boyfriend of six months does not move. And she thinks she has seen the last of him.

But a few minutes later, the 18-year-old comes to. And then he utters the eight words that send the dramatic Kiah into a frenzy.

“I’ve been dying to ask you to prom.”

Kiah is disgusted. Then she screams, “You’re so annoying,” before accepting his “promposal” as she cries fresh tears.

Kiki Claphan, Kiah’s aunt, was there to watch as her niece got pranked. And she loved watching the young teen squirm through the torture.

“She first told him in January she wanted a promposal that was so romantic it would make her cry. He was going to be romantic at first, but the more she nagged he changed his mind. Kiah received a call and was told there had been a bang and he was bleeding on the ground – she thought he had been hit by a car.”

Claphan delighted in her niece’s suffering. She knew how “dramatic” the teen was and was glad that she had gotten exactly what she asked for. But at first, she didn’t like to see the tears.

“I felt so bad for her when she started crying, but we know she’s very strong and would see the funny side – Richard is always messing around. A few minutes after the prank was revealed she was laughing and smiling again. She was more relieved he was not hurt – they are a wonderful couple. The prom is on April 28, and they’re both very excited.”

In the end, Richard gave Kiah exactly what she asked for. She wanted a “promposal” that would bring her to tears. He delivered that and so much more. Now she’s enjoying her fifteen minutes of internet fame to boot.

What do you think about this “I’m dead” prank?