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She Spent Her Life Savings On Her Sri Lankan “Boyfriend,” And Then He Did What We All Expected

Diane De Zoysa, 60, experience unexpected tragedy after falling in love with a man half her age in Sri Lanka. She married, 26-year-old Prijanjana De Zoysa and proceeded to give her young lover everything he wanted. Because she showered her young husband in gifts and experiences, she quickly racked up a lot of debt. Tragedy struck when Prijanjana was murdered, which left Diane alone and out of luck in a foreign country.

More than a year after her beloved husband was killed, Diane finally made it back to Scotland to her home on November 20, 2018. She had spent more than $100,000 of her savings to move to Sri Lanka and spend the rest of her life with the young man whom she loved with all her heart.

Besides marrying Prijanjana, she bought him a minibus and them a house to share for the rest of their lives. But after he was murdered, she was left with nothing and returned home to Scotland empty-handed.

Her troubles began two years ago when Diane sold her house in Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland. She used that money to build a home for her to live with her young husband on the island.

After she traded her simple life in Scotland for the island adventure, she learned that he did not love her as he had said. It was a heartbreaking realization for her. Now she claims to feel stupid. But that was before Sri Lankan gangsters killed her husband in cold blood.

When her husband was murdered, she was left with no connections and no money in a foreign country.

After her young husband died, it took her a long time to get back to Scotland. His family did not allow her to sell the house that she had funneled all her money into. Soon she felt as though she were under house arrest. Although her husband had died, his family kept expected Diane to hand over the money from her pension, which she received every month.

She claims that his family prevented her from going anywhere – that included no trips to the beach or the store. For about a year, she was trapped in her own home without an escape. Finally, she managed to get away and live with some friends before taking a 20-hour flight back to Scotland.

In an interview with The Daily Record, she said, “I just couldn’t stay there any longer. I kind of feel stupid now that I didn’t listen to my family and my friends because they said it was just about the money. I thought he did really love me, but obviously, he didn’t.”

On May 30 of last year, her husband was gunned down by gangsters. They thought he had a lot of money because his wife kept giving him everything she had.

She said, “They thought he was a rich man as he had a nice house, a minibus, and a tuk-tuk. He paid them, but they wanted more.”

Now she is safely back in Scotland. But she has no money since she spent it all on her Sri Lankan husband.

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