She Spent Thousands To Turn Herself Into A Real Life Barbie Doll, People Are Appalled (video) : AWM

She Spent Thousands To Turn Herself Into A Real Life Barbie Doll, People Are Appalled (video)

She may only be eighteen years old, but Gabriela Jirachoka from the Czech Republic knows who she is. And who’s that you ask? Barbie! In a relentless effort to resemble the Mattel doll, Gabriela spends $1,500 each month on her beauty regimen, which includes new clothes, hair supplies, and beauty accessories. It costs her that much to get the exact look she wants to resemble the favorite doll.

But now she has taken things to the next level with a $4,500 boob job to get the size G-cup breasts she has always wanted to have.

While four thousand dollars sounds like a lot for cosmetic surgery, it is not for Gabriela. She is willing to do what it takes to achieve the perfect Barbie look that she always wanted.

Besides getting featured on the New York Post, a video feature on Barcroft TV gave her the attention she wanted.

Since she was 16-years-old, Gabriela changed her beauty routine. Because she wanted to achieve her dream of being the best real-life Barbie on the planet, she increased her beauty routine and gave herself long blonde hair with extensions. She also experimented with long eyelashes and permanent makeup. She also went the Kylie Jenner route and injected her lips with fillers.

Gabriela lives in Prague and has a collection of 300 Barbie dolls.

While she has been spending large sums of money on her looks for years, she underwent her first surgical procedure, which gave her the size G cup breasts of the doll. Although she already possessed C cup size breasts, she bumped those up to get the massive ones she desired.

Although she spends all her money on this passion, she has more surgeries lined up – at least in her plans. She wants butt implants, rib removals, and even bigger breast implants so she can once and for all achieve the perfect “living doll” look.

Although the Barcroft TV video was released just days ago (at the time of this writing), it has already gone viral. Because thousands of people cannot resist looking at this real-life Barbie doll, they view the clip again and again. Plus, it is fascinating to try and understand the teen’s desire to resemble a toy.

However, many commenters are not pleased that she lives the way she does. And they are wondering why she has the insatiable need to resemble Barbie.

“She seems more inspired by Bratz Dolls than Barbie. Her boobs are already big btw she doesn’t need implants smh.”

“If you love yourself the way you were made you wouldn’t spend money to look like someone else.”

One person replied with a rebuttal to this statement.

“But if you love yourself you also do what you want no matter what others think. I’m not bashing your point of view (but) I just think it’d be good for you to see the other side. If she’s doing this because she’s not happy with the way she looks that’s not ok, and self-love is first. But if she already loves herself and wants to look like her idol, I say go ahead! You have the money you go!”

Others pointed out that she probably got her desire to change her look from her mother.

“Look what her mother wears. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Another agreed, “It’s a sad world when mum is using her kid to build a brand for money and fame. Just like the Kardashians.”