She Stole A Ring Off Their Grandmother’s Body At A Funeral Home, But The Family Gets The Last Laugh : AWM

She Stole A Ring Off Their Grandmother’s Body At A Funeral Home, But The Family Gets The Last Laugh

This woman might be the absolute worst person ever. In 2016, a woman named Lois Hicks passed away at age 88 in Odessa, Texas. The next day, family and friends gathered to say goodbye at a funeral home. The woman seen in this video did not know the deceased, but snuck into the funeral home and asked to use the restroom.

Instead of heading to the bathroom, however, the woman approached Lois’ casket, leaned over and pulled a diamond ring off of her finger, before running to her car. The moment was captured on the funeral home’s security camera.

Lois’ daughter, Vel, returned to the room 15 minutes later to take care of her mother’s makeup and saw that not only was the ring missing, but the skin on her mother’s finger had been torn.

Vel explained to Odessa American: “I can’t believe someone would be that low. It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Lois’ family were understandably shocked that someone would steal from a dead person and hoped that the responsible party would be caught and punished. It took several days, but authorities arrested the thief and charged her with theft from a human corpse.

The thief lost out in more ways than one — not only was she facing criminal charges, but the ring that she stole wasn’t real. It was, in fact a $10 plastic ring.

Among the many people who weighed in with comments on the video were those who couldn’t wrap their heads around how people can be so awful, with notes including: “What the hell is wrong with people,” “that’s pretty screwed up,” and “you gotta be sick to do something like this.”

Another commenter simply asked: “What kind of monster would do such a thing?”

One person shared this similarly awful story, commenting: “I saw a similar story yesterday on the same page, someone stole a saddle placed on a loved one’s stone at the cemetery (apparently this happens frequently). Odessa/Midland is notorious for burglaries in general. Last Christmas, people were getting followed home after Christmas shopping and having their valuables stolen from their homes while they were away. Also people bust in your car windows to steal anything they can get their hands on. A friend of mine had her diaper bag stolen from her vehicle! Pathetic!”

Another commenter stated how disturbing this incident is, writing: “DISRESPECTFUL, HEARTLESS , SPITEFUL and THOUGHTLESS! This is NOT human to do such an EVIL thing. It makes me sick to know things like this can happen all over the world… It’s the thought that this family member has not only been robbed but also is being interfered with while laying at peace.”

One commenter summed it up quite simply and even witnessed this type of crime personally, writing: “What a scumbag. Years ago I saw someone do the same thing. Broke my heart.”

Still another person remarked: “I bet this has gone on and continues to go on in funeral homes across our country. It is despicable and unfortunately way too commonplace.”