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She Stopped A Blind Man From Telling A Joke, But His Response Is Even Funnier

You can try your best, but you can never really stop a comedian from making people laugh. Even if you squash their attempt to tell a joke, they’re going to eventually find a way to turn the situation around and view it from another funnier angel. It is just what funny people do. They cannot help themselves. They see an opportunity and then jump on it and make everyone around them know just how funny it is.

And that’s precisely what happened at the moment captured below. Read the following joke and then share it with a loved one and spread some laughter today.

When a blind cowboy walked into a bar, he wasn’t able to notice his surroundings. He wanted a drink but failed to realize he just stepped foot in an all-girl biker bar.

Aided by his cane, he finds a barstool and takes a seat. Then he demands a shot of Jack Daniels from the bartender. Everyone is surprised to see a cowboy where he doesn’t belong. But the bartender serves him anyway and doesn’t say anything.

Suddenly, the cowboy shouts out to the bartender. “Hey! You wanna hear a blonde joke?”

The entire bar falls silent. Instead of taking this as a hint, he is about to proceed. But then the big, burly woman next to him says.

“Cowboy, before you tell the joke, know this. Your bartender is a blonde with a baseball bat. The bouncer is a blonde with a grudge. I’m six-feet tall, two hundred and fifty pounds and a boxer. The woman next to me is a professional weightlifter and a blonde. The woman on your other side is a pro wrestler, and she is blonde. You’re surrounded. Still, want to tell your joke?”

The cowboy smiles. He shakes his head. He knows that these women mean business and he had better not ruffle any feathers. But he doesn’t listen to this bit of reason. He’s a comedian after all. A good comedian does not let political correctness shut down good humor.

Then to the large, husky woman, he says:

“No. I won’t tell the joke. I’ll just have to explain it five different times.”

Although they shouldn’t have wanted to laugh, the bar erupted in good humor. The women were able to laugh at themselves and share in the man’s joke. The big woman next to him even decided he deserved another whiskey.

“Let me buy you another shot,” she said. The bartender served them up each another Jack Daniels. They clinked glasses and knocked back the drink. The cowboy grimaced as the booze stung his tongue. And he felt the warmth trickle down his throat into his stomach. It helped him relax.

By now the bar had resumed normal volume. But the big woman next to the blind cowboy was having fun. So she said to him:

“Hey, you want to hear a joke about a blind cowboy?”

The cowboy couldn’t help but grin.

“Sure, but you’ll have to buy me another Jack Daniels first.”

And she did.