A self-proclaimed “Crazy Dog Lady” was shocked when the sausage dog she paid a high price for grew up. Although the woman had been assured by the breeder that she was paying a premium to adopt a miniature purebred Dachshund, she was left shocked and cheated when the dog grew and grew and grew, revealing that the pooch was not a purebred sausage dog after all, leaving the woman with numerous complaints that she shared with thousands of other potential dog owners on social media.

The surprised dog owner shared her story to TikTok, the Chinese-created social media video app, via her user name @healinghoundz. The dog owner, who was cheated when buying her pooch, revealed that she is from Surrey, United Kingdom, and thought she was adopting a real sausage dog, not a mutt designed to look like a purebred animal.

The so-called “crazy dog lady” is also the mother of five children. In their household, which is quite busy and packed, there are nine dogs, one cat, and one tortoise. All the humans and animals live in peace under the same roof.

While the woman did not tell her TikTok community exactly how much she paid for the dog, purebred dachshunds can cost thousands of dollars, according to online research. People are willing to pay a ton of money to get their hands on a purebred version of these dogs, which are known for having long “sausage-like” bodies. They are also bred with brown and black fur.

In the TikTok video, which has since gone viral, the crazy dog lady shares a slide show of pictures of her so-called sausage dog growing up to become something entirely different than the “purebred dachshund” she paid thousands to obtain.

As the dog grew and grew, it seemed to be more likely a Jack Russell terrier or even an Australian Kelpie, according to Daily Mail’s report on the incident of cheating.

“When you pay for a pure breed miniature sausage dog with papers,” the dog-loving mother said on TikTok. “And you end up with this. We got scammed.”

Although the British family got scammed by the pet seller, they still love their non-sausage dog.

“But we love him even more,” the woman said in the TikTok video.

Thousands of people have viewed the video (included for your enjoyment below). Many people also reacted to the video, sharing their shock that this woman was scammed by the pet seller. They also shared comments on the TikTok video, turning the clip into a conversation.

“Oh no, oh no! #sauasgedog #sausagedoglife #fypt,” the mother of five captioned her video clip on TikTok.

Unfortunately, pet scams are becoming increasingly common. As more people turned to purebred animals in the wake of the pandemic, research shows that pet scams have increased a whopping four hundred percent since 2020. That’s a lot of people trying to pass off mutts as purebred dogs and cats.

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