She Thought The Turtle She Was Petting Was Cute, But She’s In For A Big Surprise : AWM

She Thought The Turtle She Was Petting Was Cute, But She’s In For A Big Surprise

When a little girl saw an “adorable” animal, she decided to run right over to it and start petting it. However, the “tortoise” that the little girl found was not as kind and sweet as it might have appeared at first. Instead, the animal was actually a vicious beat intent on hurting the little girl, because it was not a “tortoise” as she suspected but a snapping turtle, which has a notorious reputation when provoked.

The little girl had been viewing the abundant wildlife at the Canadian road. Because the girl thought she was simply petting a cute reptile, she reached her hand out and did not think twice about it. However, as soon as her hand touched the reptile’s shell, the large turtle proved it was not as easy going as suspected. It lashed out with his sharp jaws in a fierce attack that left the little girl traumatized.

In the video, you can watch the young girl reaching her hand out to “tickle” that reptile’s shell. As she fondles the animal, it turns toward her and uses its jaws to lash out and try to bite the little girl. This left her shocked and frightened. As it turned out, the girl did not realize that “snapping turtles” were a thing let alone near where she was. Her ignorance about the incident becomes quite clear as the short 13-second video begins.

The young girl starts recording and says, “Oh look, it’s a big old tortoise.”

That was her first mistake – assuming the animal was a tortoise. She also assumed it was old, which means that she thinks it is slow. But as she is about to learn, this animal is anything but slow as becomes quite clear as it tries to lash out and bite her on the face.

Common snapping turtles are native to the southeastern coasts of Canada. They are also not the sweetest thing you’ll find in Canada. The people are much nicer. The snapping turtles are as vicious there as they are in the United States.

Nevertheless, the girl is blissfully unaware that this creature is a snapping turtle. She touches the critter’s shell and learns first-hand what it means to mess with a snapping turtle.

The turtle leans toward the girl petting it and rears back its head in its shell. It then launches it forward like a projectile weapon, trying to snap at the girl’s soft flesh. Thankfully, she screams and gets back in time for the snapping turtle to miss its mark and leave her unharmed. If it had latched onto flesh, then she might not be okay after all.

Now that she had the turtle “go for the jugular” so to speak, she realizes that it was not an adorable “old tortoise” after all. That’s when the realization sinks home, and she says, “it’s a snapping turtle.” Good thing she was able to get out of range of the critter’s jaws. Otherwise, she would have been trapped in a world of hurt.

What do you think about the girl’s reaction?

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