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She Thought We Cut Her Off, But When She Came Up To The Car We Never Expected Her To Do This

Road rage is a problem across the United States. It’s a symptom of a society where people are perpetually stressed and anxious. Because people can remain anonymous from the safety of their vehicles, drivers act a lot more aggressively and rudely than they would if they were actually face to face. However, one woman was all too eager to shed the safety of her car after she suspected Ymani Breedlove of cutting her off in traffic.

In the shocking video, you’ll watch as a woman leaves her vehicle and approaches Breedlove in her vehicle. While this is scary enough, you never know who might have a gun in their glovebox, Breedlove was not alone in her car. She was driving her 18-month-old daughter and her sister as well. The incident occurred in October in Richmond, Virginia.

The incident starts after Breedlove was suspected of cutting off the other driver in traffic. The woman has left her car and approaches Breedlove with a cellphone pressed to her ear. The woman then grabs for the door handle but realizes it is locked. That’s when she gets angry and strikes Breedlove’s side-view mirror.

Then the woman gets an idea. She puts both hands to the mirror and starts pulling at it. Before long the mirror detaches from Breedlove’s car and the unidentified woman tosses it to the ground. As the mirror hits the asphalt, it shatters.

Breedlove and her sister are heard muttering, “Oh my gosh,” as they watch in shock.

After the woman tore off the mirror, she turns around and gets back into her white Toyota Camry.

Meanwhile, one of the women in the victimized car says, “She took the whole thing off my car. Oh my gosh, she really just did that to my car.”

Although Breedlove probably cut the woman off in traffic, the woman had no right to terrify Breedlove and her daughter like that. In an interview with NBC 12, Breedlove said:

“As a mom, I was freaking out. She literally took it out, and you can see there are wires in it.”

Breedlove told NBC that the woman was dodging the many potholes that riddle the streets of Richmond. She came into the lane Breedlove was in. She said:

“We proceeded to pull over, and that’s when the chaos started. I did not have any contact with this woman or speak with her, I immediately called the police. The result of me not getting out of the car was that she proceeded to rip the left side mirror off of the car and threw it in the middle of the road with ongoing traffic.”

Road rage is common in the United States. Even though some other driver might make you angry, it is best just to let it go. You never know who could be carrying a weapon or who might come unhinged at the slightest issue.

When you’re on the road, try to be respectful of other drivers.

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