She Told Him To Cut Off Two Feet Of Hair, When She Sees The Result The Tears Start Flowing : AWM

She Told Him To Cut Off Two Feet Of Hair, When She Sees The Result The Tears Start Flowing

Getting a haircut can really change the way you feel about yourself. But it can also change the way your family and friends see you. For example, one teenage boy wore dreadlocks for years. But when he finally decided to chop them off as a surprise for his mother, she burst into tears of joy when she saw his new doo. In this story, we’ll share how a haircut changed Angela’s life.

She turned 40 years old and was ready to change something. She wanted a drastic change and decided to chop off her hair, which was very long almost two feet.

It took her a long time to come to terms with her hair. For as long as she could remember, she believed that her hair was making her look more attractive. But she did not put as much care into it as would be necessary to benefit from the length. It required a lot of work, and as a busy woman, she simply had not enough time to deal with it as she would have needed. And that’s fine. A lot of people decided to chop off several inches of hair to get an easier haircut to deal with on a daily basis.

Because she knew that chopping off her hair was a big deal, she made an appointment with Minneapolis-based master stylist Christopher Hopkins. You probably know him best as The Makeover Guy. And he certainly lives up to his name when he gets Angela in his salon chair.

Christopher has made it his life’s mission to transform the way men and women look and feel about themselves. Although he is “just giving a haircut,” it ends up meaning so much more to his clients than getting their ears lowered.

As soon as Angela plopped into his chair, she told him the blunt truth. She wanted her long hair gone. And although it was hard for her to come to this conclusion, she finally decided it was no longer worth the wait. And she wouldn’t trust anyone to do it for her more than she would The Makeover Guy.

Because Angela had a friend who needed a wig, she was able to give her friend her hair. Not only did that save the friend hundreds of dollars, but her hair also didn’t go to waste, and it went to a good cause.

Christopher got to work quickly before Angela had a second to change her mind. And after he cut off two feet of hair, he as almost ready to reveal her new look. But he needed everything to be just right. And because he has done these reveals countless times, he knew how to set up the reveal, so it had the most powerful impact on Angela.

Take a moment to look at the makeover. What do you think about her new look?