She Took A Selfie With Her Mom Every School Year, But The Last One Sent Chills Down My Spine : AWM

She Took A Selfie With Her Mom Every School Year, But The Last One Sent Chills Down My Spine

Teenagers don’t always get along with their parents. Some butt heads more than others, but parents and high-schoolers are at odds with each other. It’s almost impossible for a parent to shape their child into a good adult if they just try to be their kid’s best friend. It’s a tough balance that only the best parents can pull off with ease.

Savannah Inthalangsy and her mother didn’t butt heads nearly as much as other kids and their parents, but they still had their moments. They related at a deeper level than a lot of others and that’s the really important thing.

They had a special tradition while she grew up involving selfies and ice cream. The pair would get ice cream and take a selfie, and it all started on her first day of high school. They continued to get ice cream after school every now and then, always making sure to snap a selfie before they headed home.

The special treat became a tradition, something that the two shared amidst a chaotic and difficult life. It was a moment of peace to share together, something that no one else could ever take from them.

Savannah collected all of the selfies, but she treasured the big moments the most. The first and last day of each school year went into its own collection and she appreciated more than any others.

“We were really close,” she told Fox 4. “She didn’t like that I called her my best friend. She would always say, ‘We’re not friends because I’m your mom.’ But I called her my best friend.”

The first photos were full fo joy, with both of them sporting huge smiles and happy faces. As time goes on, her mother’s condition starts to sadly become more apparent – a reflection of her real-life struggles.

Savannah’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer while she was in just sixth and in the later pictures, you can see her mother losing her hair – presumably after undergoing chemo. There is another happy picture of her mother, her hair finally starting to grow back after so long.

Her mother outlived her original diagnosis, but like so many other strong souls she succumbed to the terrible disease.

“On December 19th, she had a brain aneurysm,” Savannah continued. “It was kind of a combination of that and ovarian cancer that she went into a coma. And then she passed away.”

The last photo is truly heartbreaking, from her last day of high school. Her mother had passed away at that point, but she wanted to keep up the tradition. She grabbed her mom her favorite iced drink, headed to her grave and snapped one more selfie in her mom’s memory.

This tough girl has been through a lot and no one deserves to lose their parent so young. Hopefully, she has a strong support group around her to let her know how loved she truly is.

“I wanted to be strong for her because she was strong for me the whole time,” Savannah said.

Keep this family in your thoughts today, and cherish your loved ones every chance you get!