She Tried On This Pair Of “Skinny Jeans” At Target, But When She Took Them Off We All Screamed : AWM

She Tried On This Pair Of “Skinny Jeans” At Target, But When She Took Them Off We All Screamed

Skinny jeans have been one of the top trends in recent years, and they are now so popular that even men have a tendency to wear the form-fitting pants. The jeans are mostly designed with a stretchy material that molds to your body and they remain snug from the hip all the way down to the ankle. Retailers everywhere are taking advantage of the trend and selling them in all different styles, but recently Target had to recall a pair, because of the physical harm they were causing their customers.

The “Cat and Jack Girls Star-Studded Skinny Jeans” that are being taken off the shelf, appear to be your average pair, however; they have tiny gold metal stars affixed to the bottom part of the leg. Unfortunately, the stars, designed to be a flashy addition to the jeans, are detaching from the pants and causing cuts on the customers’ legs. The cuts, which have led to bleeding, have caused an uproar amongst customers and the store employees, which is why they have been recalled.

It all started when customers of the jeans started noticing little random cuts on their legs after wearing the jeans. Since then, 30,000 units of the star-studded jeans have been recalled, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The CPSC shared the following statement regarding the jeans…

“Consumers should immediately stop wearing the recalled jeans and return them to any Target store for a full refund.”

The CPSC also confirmed that there were five reported cases of injuries from the jeans, however; there may be several unreported cases of the lacerations alone.

The Target product registry recalls help page has a list of the jeans affected by this recall.

This isn’t the first time that Target has had to recall an item this year, as the “Dr. Brown’s Lovey Pacifier and Teether Holders’ were recently recalled due to the fact that the snap can detach from the ribbon, which ca, in turn, result in a choking hazard for young children and babies.

“The snap can detach from the pacifier’s ribbon, posing a choking hazard for young children,” said a spokesperson from the CPSC.

While Target recalled this particular brand of pacifier, the product is not limited to Target stores and it can also be found at Toys R’ Us, Babies R’ Us,, Bed Bath and Beyond, and K-Mart, as well as a whole list of other websites. As of now, there have been 67 reported cases of the pacifier detaching from the ribbon, however; there have not been any injuries thus far.

Commenters were quick to criticize when the recall was posted on social media…

“What happened to the quality control department, I thought they check this kind of stuff before shipping?”

And then there was some humor involved…

“Guys that wear skinny jeans should be recalled, too.”

It’s surprising that this was the first of flashy skinny jeans to cause injuries, considering there are several different designs on today’s jeans that are added to jazz things up. Hearts, stars, and shapes are a few of the designs you see on jeans and tops while walking through the girls’ section of department stores.