She Walked In And Put This Backpack On His Desk. As Soon As He Opened It, He Burst Into Tears : AWM

She Walked In And Put This Backpack On His Desk. As Soon As He Opened It, He Burst Into Tears

Imagine if you took every opportunity throughout your day to make an impact on another person’s life. You meet people all day long, at the gas station, in line at the grocery store, while in traffic, and at work. People come in and out of our lives faster than we can track sometimes. And we have a chance to make an impact on their lives.

Even if we give them a smile, we can brighten their day. But if we are so inclined, we can do so much more. And as you’ll see, a young teenager from South Carolina was on the giving end of an act of generosity.

Sofi Cruz wanted to be a force of good in the world. And when she saw an opportunity to give to someone in need, she took it. And now people are applauding her good deed.

On Facebook, Sofi shared her story along with a video. In the confessional, the young teenager explained why she was making an impact. It all started during a conversation with her friend Jaheim. He made an interesting comment that struck her. Although his words were not out of the ordinary, they stood with her for days. And as she writes:

“The past week and a half, I have been planning on doing something special for a good friend of mine. His name is Jaheim.”

Then she proceeds to explain what she did and why. And if more people in the world thought about others as Sofi does, you can bet there would be less crime and more happiness and joy.

“I have known Jaheim since the 3rd grade in Mrs. Dragotta’s class. He has always been the student where he does all of his work when due, never misses school, always helping the teacher out with stuff in class, and always being a happy human being.”

But he said something that Sofi picked up and wanted to make a change his life.

“Last week, he didn’t want to sound ‘in-need,’ but Jaheim asked, ‘Can someone buy me a pair of shoes? I don’t like mine, and I wear a (size) 10-11.’”

Sofi respected Jahiem because of his commitment to learning, and she wanted to do something kind of a reasonable person like him.

“I’ve always thought about getting him something before but never had the money or guts to do it.”

But Sofi had a new job. And her family wanted to help. So she finally took the action she wanted for some time.

“Since I’ve gotten a job and have been working really hard, I got the money together and bought him a pair of shoes the next day. My Granddaddy helped me out, as well.”

In the video, you can see Sofi presenting the shoes to Jaheim. And as you can expect, he is overjoyed to receive the heartfelt gift. She brings the gift to school with her and asks him to open the backpack. Inside are his shoes.

Although Jaheim tries to keep his emotions contained, his gratitude is too great to keep concealed in the video below.