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She Wanted To Be Pretty So She Tripled The Size Of Her Lips. Now Looks Completely Different

No matter what era you live in, people want to be fashionable. So long as there are people who have enough time on their hands and aren’t just struggling from day to day to survive, there are people who strive to look like they’re special. While fashions come and go, there are people who desperately try to stay on the cusp of what is new and cutting-edge, but people feel that 22-year-old Bulgarian student Andrea Emilova Ivanova is taking things too far.

Just a few decades ago, people would buy the latest clothes and the latest shoes to stay up on the latest fashion, but now they’re undergoing life-altering surgery to have the “perfect body.” Fashion is no longer just what is in your wardrobe. It is now what your body looks like. Because plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures have become commonplace, people are getting them as easily as getting a new leather jacket or brand-new shoes.

Andrea Emilova Ivanova is obsessed with increasing the size of her lips. No matter how big they get, they’re not big enough for the young Bulgarian student. She wants the bigger, fuller, and more voluptuous. She’s already gone into surgery to increase the “bust” of her lips and plans to do it again and again until she has them as big as her wildest dreams.

However, doctors have begun to get weary of Ivanova. Because she seems to be addicted to big lips, they are turning her away, which has forced her to seek out treatments and procedures at nearly every cosmetic clinic in Bulgaria’s capital.

Although Andrea Emilova Ivanova’s “haters” urge her to slow down and stop getting so much cosmetic surgery, she continues to stuff her lips until they look like balloons. She also shares her images with her friends and followers on Instagram, which amount to 15,000 people looking to track her every move. But not everyone who follows the young Bulgarian supporters her bizarre life choices, some people try to talk sense into the young fashionista before her relentless pursuit of big lips destroys her face forever.”

Although people have called her “monster” and “Daffy Duck,” Andrea Emilova Ivanova refuses to quit her passion for bigger lips. She’s obsessed and willing to do whatever it takes to get the “perfect look” she wants.

Andrea Emilova Ivanova pays the equivalent of $167 per treatment, which she gets as often as her wallet will allow. She claims that ever since she was a little girl, she’s been obsessed with big lips. Not only does she want them to remain “fashionable,” she wants them to fulfill her latent childhood dream and desire to be “prettier” than she ever could be naturally.

Andrea Emilova Ivanova is a student of German Philology at Sofia University.

She said, “I like my lips now, more than before, and I feel very happy about them because I look prettier with bigger lips, and in Bulgaria, this is fashion now. I have visited almost all clinics for aesthetic procedures in Sofia, and I put in my lips almost all kinds of lip fillers: Princess Volume, Princess Filler, Hyaluronic Vital Esthetique, Apriline Forte, Revolax Deep, and Teosyal.”

What do you think about this young woman’s pursuit of big lips in the name of fashion?

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