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She Was A Huge Pop Star, And She Just Posted A Photo Of Her Foot Asking For Help

There comes a point in every woman’s pregnancy where things get uncomfortable and it’s okay to ask for help. In this case, a famous face who was a huge pop star back in the day is reaching out to her fans for any suggestions and assistance they can provide. In fact, she’s keeping it so real, people were surprised by the image she shared on social media, which was in no way flattering.

We’re talking about Jessica Simpson, who is no stranger to pregnancy, as she’s been pregnant twice before. This go around, however, Jessica has some bizarre swelling – in her foot. And she’s desperate for help!

She shared a photo, writing simply: “Any remedies?! Help!!!!”

According to Tip Hero, Dr. Jessica Shepherd, a Dallas gynecologist, explains, “This is very normal. The reason why you see it more in the feet is just from gravity — that’s where the body tends to hold extra fluid.”

There are some ways to help alleviate this condition, with the Mayo Clinic recommending anyone suffering from this swelling to stay off their feet as much as possible and elevate their legs when they can. They may also want to try compression stockings to help with swelling as well as sleeping on their left side in order to relieve pressure on one of the large veins in the body. This might encourage normal blood flow and ease some swelling.

Additionally, if you have this type of swelling, try to avoid standing for extended periods of time and, if your job requires you to be on your feet, take breaks to help. Limiting caffeine and sodium intake as well as staying well hydrated can also be beneficial.

Jessica received a flood of suggestions on her post with many believing that it might be painful or an indication of something serious.

Some fans were concerned about the swelling and advised her to see her doctor just to make sure everything was fine. One person noted: “Go make sure you don’t have preeclampsia! I had that and my biggest telling sign were my very swollen feet!”

Others hoped for an update, with one person noting: “I hope you post an update letting people know you went to the doctor or got a checkup at home. This is nothing to joke about. Good you are raising awareness because some people do think this is normal… when in fact it is dangerous.”

Another commenter shared this experience and suggestion: “Compression stockings! My legs were the same size after 2 weeks in Costa while pregnant… my mom put them on in the airport and she could barely get them on because we were laughing so hard. Elevate and hydrate mama! Good luck.”

One person offered an alternative treatment to check out that worked for her, noting: “Osteopath or massage therapy to drain the built up fluid around your ankle. I sprained my ankle in September and had swelling for a week until I had a treatment from my osteopath. The swelling went away immediately!”

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