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She Was Cleaning Out Her Husband’s Old Backpack, Makes Accidental Life-Changing Discovery

If you are like the majority of people, surely you do a double-take when you see a lottery ticket or scratch ticket on the ground. After all, maybe somebody accidentally tossed it on the ground, not looking it over thoroughly and this is your chance to claim it and pocket boatloads of free cash.

Evidently, the same is true when you are looking through your husband’s backpack. When Rose Ibarra was cleaning out her husband’s backpack she came across a scratch-off lottery ticket. At first, she thought it was trash but upon further inspection, she realized that it was a lucky winner. The Hot Millions Multiplier scratch-off ticket was a $1 million winner which, for most people,  nothing to sneeze at.

As to be expected, Ibarra was confused at first, wondering why on earth her husband would have a big winning ticket in his backpack, left behind like a piece of forgotten junk mail. When she brought it to him and confronted him about it he said that he placed it back in the bag after he scratched it off because he assumed it was some type of prank.

After Ibarra showed her husband that this was most certainly not a prank, she contacted the Virginia Lottery Officials and told them that they were in the state while her husband worked on a construction project. They normally live in Avalon, Texas and just happened to be in the state for the project. Evidently, they were at the right place at the right time.

Ibarra and her husband claimed the cash and chose the lump sum of $561,798 before taxes.

This is certainly a lesson to look things over and don’t assume that something is a prank. You may just be a lucky winner. Surely Ibarra’s husband thanked her profusely for finding the ticket and giving it an extra look.

Maybe he thought that he would look like a fool if he tried to claim the ticket and that is why he tossed it aside. But it’s pretty safe to say that it’s worth looking foolish for that chunk of extra cash. The crazy part is that the Ibarra’s just happened to be in Virginia for a short period of time and during that time they became big winners.

This probably isn’t the first time that a winner came close to losing out on big cash. Surely there have been others who have either lost their winning ticket or simply didn’t believe they had the luck to be a winner.

The Hot Million Multiplier gives the consumer 20 chances to win up to $4 million dollars, using multipliers that range from two times up to fifty times. There are 318,000 prizes starting out at $40.

It would be interesting to find out if Ibarra’s husband was a regular when it came to purchasing the Hot Million Multiplier or if he was given it as a gift. Either way, he is one lucky man that his wife had the sense to check and double-check the scratch ticket. Guess it pays to clean out your husband’s bag.