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She Was Murdered In Mexico, But When Her Family Saw The Body They Couldn’t Believe What They Did

A British woman went to Mexico on vacation. If she had known the fate that beheld her, she never would have packed her bags. Now her family will never see her again. After the woman was murdered in Mexico, authorities boxed her up and shipped her remains homes. Unfortunately, the goods guys weren’t able to stop organ traffickers from taking what they wanted from the woman, which left her body without a brain, eyes, and her heart.

The victim was Amanda Gill. She died at the Hospital de Cos, which prosecutors described as a “very bad” place. Although the medical center claims that her body parts were intact when they handed her corpse over to the police, things were certainly missing when her body made it back to the United Kingdom. Just one look at Amanda Gill’s remains made it clear that she was not whole. Her eyes were gone, and her body was cut to shreds. Only her lower intestine was left behind.

Because she was so badly cut up, doctors were unable to determine when she died during her travels in Mexico.

Authorities believe that organ traffickers got a hold of 41-year-old Gill’s body after she died and removed everything they wanted from her. Her family was outraged to know that every part of her body was stolen except for her lower intestine.

Her mother, 65-year-old Elaine Hines was rightfully devastated. She could not believe her eyes when she saw that her daughter “came home empty.”

She added to The Sunday People, “They stole everything inside her. If this has happened to Amanda how many other people have it happened to and will again?”

Hines wants things to change, so others families aren’t tortured as she has been after seeing her daughter’s remains.

Amanda Gill’s sister, Katie Miller-Gill said, “Where are my sister’s beautiful blue eyes? Why were they taken from her? Where is her brain, her heart?”

Miller-Gill, 35, added that the family probably would have donated the organs if asked. But to have them stolen away was unthinkable.

Amanda Gill was a waitress and a bartender from Shipley, West Yorkshire. She suffered from complications arising from diabetes while traveling and perished in Hospital de Cos.

Authorities suspect she suffered from ketoacidosis. This condition can be treated through fluids on an IV drip. But she did not seem to get adequate treatment and died less than half a day after she got ill.

Now that her desecrated body has been discovered, hospital chiefs and local justices and law enforcement officers have no idea what happened to her. They claim that when she died, her body was placed in a sealed bag with all her organs intact.

Because Mexico has a shortage of organ donors, criminal doctors remove patients’ organs to make extra cash on the black market.

Mexican doctors claim that Amanda “wouldn’t take fluids” and thus died from ketoacidosis, which her mother said, “isn’t something that would have killed her.”

What do you think about what happened to this woman after she died in Mexico?

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