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She Was Taken 19 Years Ago And Forced To Have 9 Children. Then A Stranger Stepped In To Help

When she was eleven-years-old in 1997, Rosalynn McGinnis’s life changed forever. Her stepfather, Henri Piette, abducted her and fled with her over the southern border into Mexico. Piette had been with Rosalynn’s mother while they lived in Oklahoma but kidnapped the girl from her school. While living in Mexico with the child, Piette forced Rosalynn to engage in constant sexual activity, despite her age, and eventually fathered nine children with her.

It was not until 2016 when a stranger recognized Rosalynn in a grocery store and helped her escape. She joined the couple and made it away from her rapist stepfather. Piette was finally arrested in 2017 and is awaiting his next court date to atone for the crimes he committed against his stepdaughter.

Now at thirty-three-years-old, Rosalynn has to try to figure life out again. To help her get some momentum, she conducted an interview with Dr. Oz to explain how horrific the experience was while living in Mexico with her child rapist stepfather.

When Piette brought Rosalynn across the border into Mexico, he forced her to “marry” him. She didn’t want to marry her stepfather, but he had all the power, and she was only a preteen child. While living in Mexico, Piette and Rosalynn lived in a tent, which made them invisible to the authorities in the United States. However, a mystery couple helped Rosalyn flee Piette with eight of her nine kids. They took her to the United States embassy, where she was able to explain her situation and get the government to help her.

“We were in the grocery store, we were in front of them, and we had a bunch of kids, of course, and it was me and Henri Piette. The age difference and all the children. Actually, we were short on the bill to pay for the groceries, and they paid it for us,” she said.

That’s when things got complicated for the kidnapper.

“They asked… where we lived. It started like that. Henri was the type that always kept people away. But they knew something wasn’t right. So, they decided to do something about it,” she said.

Although Piette picked up their tent and moved the family, the couple was determined to help and tracked them down.

“We moved, and they found out where we were, and she’s like I know there’s something wrong. If you can ever get away, I’ll help you,” McGinnis said.

Rosalynn never told the children anything about the situation until they fled Mexico.

“They didn’t know. I kept the truth from them until I escaped from Mexico. They were really shocked. They’ve been through, especially my older children. The reason I didn’t tell them, of course, was because what I knew inside was how much it’d damaged me. I didn’t want them to grow up knowing that. He would tell them they’re animals. He would treat them like animals that the only reason that they’re alive is because of your mother’s here. Otherwise, if she wasn’t that, I’d kill all of you. He would hit them, and then I would step in, and it would just be horrible.”

She added, “Any kind of abuse that you can think of, he did to me.”

What kind of jail sentence do you think this man deserves?

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