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She Was The “Most Beautiful Girl In The World” Before Disappearing. We Just Learned Of Her Passing

Even the most successful careers sometimes get derailed. Pamela Gidley first made a big name for herself as a star of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, and she went on to star on film and screen in an illustrious 30-year career. Her career began as the “Most Beautiful Girl in the World,” but it ended on a very mysterious and sad note.

It is a tale of the sacrifices that we make to help serve our families.

At 19, Gidley was crowned the most beautiful girl in the world in a modeling contest. This fame led her to the big screen, where she soon embarked on quite the career. She is most famous for starring in the Twin Peaks prequel Fire Walk With Me (1992), but she also appeared in Cherry 2000, Dudes, The Blue Iguana, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, MacGyver and more.

David Lynch liked her so much for Twin Peaks that he paid to fly her from Seattle to the Bahamas every 10 days. Not every actress gets that sort of demand, so you know for a fact that she really had the talent to make it.

“He offered me that role, and so there was a conflict of interest,” she said in a 2016 interview. “David wanted me so much for the character that he guaranteed the other film that he would pay all flights and all insurance.”

The beautiful star was well on her way to a long-lasting and successful career, but sometime in the last few years she completely fell off the map. Fans spent a long time wondering exactly what happened to Gidley, but the truth is far sadder than you might imagine.

In the end, the only thing that could pull her away from acting was her family. Her brother needed to be taken care of, so in 2012 she quit the movie industry entirely and focused her attention on his health. Such a selfless act is not normally seen in the stars of Hollywood, but clearly, this was a special case.

Her last credited role was in the Twin Peaks renewal from 2016, but by then she had largely dropped out of the movie industry. It will remain her last role, as Gidley has now passed away from unknown causes at just 52 years old.

Gidley’s family announced her death and shocked her fans, as nobody really knew how her life had been going for the last few years. They left the cause of death undefined, presumably because they aren’t ready to share with the world yet and we need to respect that privacy.

The funeral home gave a bit more information, saying that she died peacefully in her home – but it still doesn’t list any real cause. All we can do is keep her family in our hearts through this trying time, and enjoy the beautiful work that she did on screen during her life.

This woman gave up a fantastic career to help her brother live a better life and we should all look up to her as selfless inspiration. Sometimes we need to be selfish and take care of our own needs, but it’s important to remember that family comes first.

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