She Weighs 462lbs, And Men Pay Her So They Can Watch Her Eat 10,000 Calories Per Day : AWM

She Weighs 462lbs, And Men Pay Her So They Can Watch Her Eat 10,000 Calories Per Day

Amanda Faye has just opened up about her bizarre job. The 25-year-old lives in California and weighs 462 pounds. However, her obesity does not slow down her pace of life at all. To the contrary, it helps her afford the lifestyle of her dream, all while devouring 10,000 calories per day. Men pay Amanda Faye lots of money so they can watch her devour treats and fast food as part of their fetishized fantasies.

Faye lives in Southern California and is a size 26. She works as a model in the fetish community called feederism. The people who are part of the community find the act of watching a woman eating food to be arousing and erotic.

Amanda does not just participate – she profits from these people. Every day, she monetizes her snacking and eating habits because she charges men to watch videos of her stuffing her face or chugging sugary drinks.

As part of her videos, Amanda Faye chugs drinks through a funnel and jiggles her flab for her fans.

“I do stuffing videos, where I eat massive amounts of food; funnel feeding videos, where I funnel down liquids through a tube; and weight gain shake chug, where I down large amounts of liquid in little time, so my belly looks even more swollen.”

She added, “This is all as well as other fat fetish content, including fantasy talk or playing with my belly.”

Although Amanda earns a sizeable income from her feederism fans, she also has a life partner, whom she does not wish to name. But she did say that he is a “fat admirer,” and loves her the way she is.

At one point, before she was an online video personality, she tried to fit in with others by shedding 98 pounds. However, she later realized that she was more comfortable as a big girl.

“Being fat makes me happy, physically and sexually.”

Nevertheless, people still slam her for her unique lifestyle and her large size.

“The negative comments are nothing I haven’t heard all my life, or called myself for fun anyway,” she said. “I get the typical insults – fat cow, Shamu, like the killer whale, or lard a*se. I’m a very positive person, so I generally ignore it, or give a playful comment back.”

Amanda Faye has not been doing this line of work forever. She first learned about feederism from a friend back in 2016. Her role is called a gainer or a feedee. That means she likes the physical act of gaining weight and getting bigger. People like her either try to gain weight by overeating or by using padding to make themselves appear larger than they are.

“I was shy about feederism at first,” she said. “But, as time went on, it felt more like my calling and slowly but surely, I fell in love with the community.”

Amanda now has a lot of fans who rely on her videos. She has even expanded her reach by starting an account on Instagram.

So what do people like to watch?

“I feel the most popular food people enjoy seeing me eat is Taco Bell, burgers and fruit. One guy paid me to eat 13 pears and crack open a coconut to drink its milk while half-naked on camera.”

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