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She Went To Pay For Her Items, But The Cashier Pointed To This Sign And Asked Her To Leave

During the summer, people were lighter outfits. Sometimes this means wearing tank tops, which have no sleeves or shorts that have very little pocket space. Because outfits are skimpier in the summertime, people start to put their money in places they usually wouldn’t. You’ve probably seen woman stuffing their cellphone or wad of cash in the side of their bra or men putting cash into their socks.

One business named Primos, which is located in Texas is fed up with handling money covered in sweat. Because so many people have been coming into the coffee shop with money stuffed into their socks or accumulating salty under-boob sweat, the cashier found it high time to put up a sign to alert customers to the change.

The chalk sign read: “Due to rising temps… Sweaty boob, sock, & undie money will no longer be accepted at Primos.”

As you can imagine, the sign sparked a controversy. Some customers were outraged that their sweaty money was no longer good in the establishment. Others found the sign witty and humorous. One person snapped a picture and shared it Twitter, along with the following comment:

“Ladies, it’s not cute or sexy when you get money outta your bra. That’s kinda disgusting. Money is already dirty, I don’t need your titty sweat on it. Especially in this Houston heat,” shared Marco Galicia.

Garcia was not alone in his distaste for sweaty customers. Other locations are done with handling your salty cash and want money that is fresh and clean.

Primos is not the only location that refuses to accept cash from sweaty customers. Dollar General is also refusing your money if it is covered in your sweat. One location posted a sign at the cash register that said:

“Money that is pulled out of anywhere other than your purse, pocket or wallet (e.g., bra or socks) will not be accepted. Thank you.”

While some shops wanted to make their notes kind, a Minnesota shop didn’t care if you were offended by their note. They used raunchy language to insult the customer and shame them into using their purses and wallets despite the hellish temperatures bombarding the Midwest this summer.

The Wirtz Beverage Minnesota company was the one to share the following message.

“We no longer accept sweaty, stanky, wet, p***y bloody and sh***y money if it comes out of your a**, crotch, or inner bra area. Take that nasty s*** to another store.”

Store owners don’t like the idea of turning money away. But they certainly don’t want to turn off their workers either. If customers keep coming into stores with dirty money, they might end up spending more on sick leave than if they had just refused the disgusting, sweaty cash from the jump.

“Bravo to those stores! I once worked retail, and on a hot summer day some guy paid for his purchase with a couple of bills he dug out of the front pocket of his aptly named sweatpants. They were wet, disgusting and totally gag-worthy. You meet the most disgusting people in retail,” one Mail Online reader wrote.

What do you think about this sweat-free policy?

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