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She Woke Up From Surgery And Quickly Realized The Doctors Made A Terrible Mistake

Surgery mishaps can be scary to hear about and there are definitely some horror stories floating around about errors that doctors have made during surgical procedures that would scare you from stepping foot in a hospital again. For Jasminka Velkovska, she experienced first hand a major medical mistake when she went to have a carcinoma removed from her colon. When she woke up from the surgery at the September 8th Hospital in the Macedonia capital of Skopje, she knew something was wrong.

According to a report from The Sun, Jasminka woke and was passing gas from her vagina. When doctors came to see how she was doing during the recovery, they asked if she had been passing gas. When she explained that yes, she was, but that the flatulence was coming from the wrong body part, they discovered with an X-ray that they had connected her colon to her vagina.

As if that wasn’t problematic enough, it turns out that the doctors never removed the tumor that she had been in surgery for. Jasminka has been trying to get compensation for three years following the botched surgery, with the hospital eventually agreeing to an out-out-court settlement of more than $33,000. They have only paid out some money, however, with Metro News reporting that, according to the hospital manager, Sasho Stojcev, the hospital claims it is unable to pay the damages without a court order and that the compensation was only partly covered by their insurance.

Further, the hospital maintains that they don’t have to pay Jasminka the outstanding payment of $11,000. She intends to sue the hospital if the remaining payment is not made.

Many people weighed in with comments on social media, outdated by the major surgerical error and lack of compensation for the mistake. One person noted: “OMG! What a bunch of incompetents! That would have cost them more than a measly $33,000 dollars in the US. How incredible and hopefully the second operation got rid of the cancer and put things back where they are supposed to be!!”

Another commenter added: “Obviously, this didn’t happen in the US or else there would be several zeros tacked onto her settlement — and she would have already been paid and her botched surgery would have been fixed!!!!”

Another commenter noted how awful the whole situation is and how the woman has suffered as a result, writing: “Not only does this hospital’s staff botch the operation but they then take the mickey with compensation that was agreed out of court, presumably to fob her off as she was likely have received a significant amount of compensation in court. You hear so many stories of surgeons botching operations nowadays. Not only is this poor woman’s quality of life now seriously compromised, but she also has to endure the hospital’s additional disrespect with non payment. Good luck to this woman in suing this hospital and taking millions off them in compensation as a result of a successful court case: without agreeing anything with their staff out of court.”