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She Woke Up To A Terrible Allergic Reaction After Using Something She Bought At The Drug Store

Just because a product is sold over the counter in a drug store does not mean its use could come with powerful ramifications. Drugs and medicines, including over-the-counter varieties, can induce dramatic effects on the human body. And if you happen to have an allergic reaction to it, it could do a lot more harm than good. However, people don’t expect to have a nearly “deadly” reaction to something like hair color that they purchased from their local drug store.

However, Estelle, a student living in Paris, experienced just that after she reported an extreme reaction after using hair color, she purchased from her local store. And now she yearns to warn you and others about the possible dangers of using at-home hair dye.

In the photos, which exhibit how severe Estelle’s reaction was, you can see that her head nearly doubled in size! Not only did that happen, but she lost the ability to breathe. She could just barely get enough oxygen to survive.

As it turns out the 19-year-old woman suffered an allergic reaction to a chemical in hair dye known as PPD. This chemical is far more common than you’d think. It is included in many hair dyes sold in stores across the world. That means you could be putting it onto your head. That’s why Estelle has shared her story with the world – she wants to protect others from suffering as she has.

During the allergic reaction, Estelle’s head ballooned from 56 centimeters to 63. When that happened, it became hard for her to breathe. You can imagine how fearful she was when it became hard for her to take in oxygen after using hair dye she bought to look her best.

When Estelle bought the hair dye in the Val-de-Marne neighborhood of Paris, she applied it per the package’s directions. Within moments she noticed that he scalp began to have a reaction. It started to swell because it came into contact with the chemical PPD. She started to breathe deeply, but it was hard for her to get oxygen into her lungs. This terrified her.

Recognizing it as an allergic reaction, Estelle rushed to her medicine cabinet. She searched through the bottles and blister packs and found what she was looking for – an antihistamine, which she took under medical advice. Then she went to sleep hoping that she’d feel better in the morning.

When she awoke the next day, she realized that her condition was worse than it had been. And then she looked in the mirror and saw that her head had grown!

In an interview with Le Parisien, she said, “I could not breathe. I had a light bulb head.”

If that isn’t enough to terrify a young woman, things only seemed to get worse. Her tongue continued to swell, so she was rushed to the emergency room. The French doctors gave her an injection of adrenaline and then kept her in their care overnight.

Thankfully, she got exactly what she needed. After her stay in the French hospital, which was free, she made a full recovery. However, she could still see an outline in her head where the swelling had occurred. That would take some time to go away.

The student has since admitted that she made a “mistake” trusting the cheap hair color. She believes the error happened during the patch test and now wants other people to know about the dangers of PPD.

“I almost died. I do not want it to happen to others.”

Instead of remaining silent, Estelle is reaching out and trying to help.