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Shelter Workers Are Outraged After Man Returns Old Dog And Mumbles This Excuse

If dogs are man’s best friend, then how could anyone treat them so poorly? Humans surround themselves with dogs because they are loyal, kind, and capable of love. Just like their human companions, they age and go through sickness, and it is our job to support them through the difficult times just like we ask of them. But unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way.

Shelter workers were going through their normal routine at the Los Angeles Animal Services North Central Facility in California, helping dogs find temporary and permanent homes when an older man walked through the front door. He brought with him an elderly dog named Canela, a kind and loyal dog he adopted from the same facility thirteen years earlier.

On this day, the man planned to return his dog to the facility. But when they asked him why he displayed that it was because he had no use for her anymore.

Some people return dogs because they can’t take care of them. Whether it be financial or physical limitations, dog owners give dogs to shelters because they believe that there is someone else out there who would do a better job at improving a dog’s life.

But for Canela’s owner, this wasn’t the case. He claimed that all the elderly dog did anymore was lie around. As he says in a video, “she doesn’t chase the cats no more.”

It’s safe to say that the shelter workers, who know how difficult it is to provide rescue dogs with good homes, were more than a little unhappy with this man. He adopted the dog thirteen years before and, now, has decided to put it through the foster system at an old age because she got older and lost energy, just as any living being does.

As a kind and loyal companion, Canela likely enjoyed being by her owner’s side the last thirteen years. She likely thought of him as a man who would stay by her side, but then she arrives at the LA Animal Services facility, growing more uncomfortable by the minute. She even stays by her owner’s side, as he tried to get rid of her.

It is truly heartbreaking to think of how this man turned his back on Canela, relieving himself of the last years of her life. When the video was shared online, people shared their disappointment in the man and their well-wished to Canela. But after he left her, it’s comforting to know that she received the attention and love that she wasn’t getting from him in her final years.

Shortly after the video reached its viewers, Canela was picked up by Leave No Paws Behind, a rescue organization specializing in senior dogs. This organization helped Canela find a new foster family where she could live out the rest of her life comfortably and away from the man who didn’t want her.

All we can do to better this situation is to take this story and learn from it. When you get old, how do you want to be treated? And lastly, what will you do with your aging pets?

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