She’s Been Living In This Van For Months. When I Saw What Was Inside My Stomach Turned : AWM

She’s Been Living In This Van For Months. When I Saw What Was Inside My Stomach Turned

For God knows how long, a homeless woman has been making a come in a broken-down van along with 320 unusual “roommates.” The “roommates,” which are actually 320 rats, burrowed their way into the dilapidated van’s seats and made their home there along with the homeless woman known only as Carla. When authorities found Carla, they also found her rat roommates, which devoured the upholstery, burrowed into the seats, and ate all the wiring in the engine, making the van useless to normal society.

But Carla makes her life outside of the boundaries of the typical society. However, her “alternative lifestyle” did not go unnoticed by neighbors. Multiple people filed complaints about the rats to the Humane Society, who eventually stepped in to move the rats from the broken-down van and find them a better place to live.

Apparently, Carla kept the rats as pets. She started with two of the rodents and encouraged them to mate. Every four weeks, the pregnant rats produced dozens more in each litter. The number of rodents living in the van quickly multiplied as Carla encouraged their reproduction and shared what food she could with the pesky rodents.

When the Humane Society finally got involved, Carla told the animal workers that things had gotten out of control. She admitted that she was no longer able to keep the rats reigned in, and revealed to Danee Cook of the San Diego chapter that she needed help caring for the beloved rats.

“This was not a cruelty case,” Danee Cook said, “This was a relinquishment. An  owner asking for help.”

Most of the rats that were rescued from the broken van were babies. At least 100 of them are now ready for adoption. Yes, people do adopt rats as pets.

While the rats got some help from the local nonprofit organization, the people of San Diego hated seeing Carla living the life she was living. People set up a GoFundMe account to help Carla get back on her feet. Locals were looking to raise at least $5,000 to get her life back on track. So far, they’ve done better than that with more than $5,068 going toward the homeless woman. The fundraisers also found someone willing to donate an SUV to the homeless woman.

The fundraising page reads, “She is an amazing person who has had a string of bad luck, and if she loses her job, it will be devastating to her. Kate Kimmer of Del Mar graciously donated her used SUV to Carla yesterday morning. While it does have over 200,000 miles on it, this provides Carla with a new working vehicle! Carla was elated, as you will see from the picture yesterday.”

Reports indicate that Carla worked at the convenience store where she had parked her van. It was near the Flower Hill Promenade on Via de la Valle. Hopefully, the GoFundMe account will help Carla get her life back on track. Everyone needs a helping hand every so often, and this will go a long way for the homeless woman.

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