She’s Been Sick For Five Years, And Doctors Think It’s Because A Creature Has Burrowed Into Her Eye : AWM

She’s Been Sick For Five Years, And Doctors Think It’s Because A Creature Has Burrowed Into Her Eye

Contact lenses are an incredible invention. Thanks to them, thousands of people are able to see more clearly than ever before. Glasses helped for years, but contacts are truly the future of vision correction. The only negative is that they require a lot more care than glasses. You have to clean them out, keep track of them, and buy new ones when you run out.

They can also cause even crazier complications for the more unlucky people, like Skye Wheeler. The UK native is just 19-years-old but suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS. She used to be perfectly healthy until she put in her contacts one day.

Skye first got contacts when she was just 14. Cleaning them is very important, but teenagers are notoriously unreliable when it comes to that. Even one drop of contaminated water can make all the difference.

Her eye became infected one day when a drop of water with a parasite found it’s way beneath her contact lens. She doesn’t remember cleaning them with water, but it only takes a tiny bit. Most of the time, this wouldn’t be a big issue. But Skye wasn’t so lucky.

“My life has been ripped to pieces and then burnt down into nothing but ash and smoke,” she vividly described to Daily Mail. “I have a parasite in my eye. The Acanthamoeba burrowed into my cornea and ate away to create snail trails around my eye.”

A parasite buried it’s way into her cornea all those years ago, where it still resides. It caused an infection that results in severe pain and exhaustion for Skye to this very day.

Doctors connected the infection with her CFS, but haven’t found a way to help her feel better yet. She has been undergoing treatment for the four years since the incident, but with little to no success.

“I am told that it is dormant. It goes into this stage to protect itself, picture it curling into a ball,” she added. “We will never be able to tell whether it is dead or not or if and when it may reawaken so I have to live with the feeling of never knowing.”

Wheeler is understandably distraught over this infection, but there is little she can do. Doctors can’t remove the parasite without possibly ruining her eyesight forever. But if they don’t remove it, the infection – and her CFS – will continue to get worse.

“I lay in the dark because of light sensitivity alone and waiting for someone to return home and take me to the toilet. My bed is my world,” she said. “My bed is my support. It has seen me through endless days of torturous pain, fatigue, and inner turmoil.”

This disease is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, or ME. It’s a horrible disease that deserves a lot more attention than it gets. Wheeler hopes that by sharing her story, more people will help to support those who suffer from this condition.

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