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Should This Dad Go To Prison For What He Did To 6-Year-Old Daughter?

Parenting can be tough. But that is no excuse for what you’ll see happening in this video filmed in Ukraine. After a girl and her three-year-old brother got into an argument about who should be able to push the shopping cart, the father, who ran out of patience, proceeded to push his daughter down a flight of stairs. The incident occurred outside of the supermarket where the brother-sister pair were getting into an argument.

The father of four from Ukraine has since been arrested after it was shown he had thrown his daughter down the stairs. The man has been identified as Artem, 46, and was promptly brought into police for questioning where he proceeded to say all the wrong things.

The video footage was captured by security cameras at the supermarket. The grocer posted the footage on Facebook, where it quickly sparked outrage among Ukrainians and then people around the world as it began to spread from person to person.

The girl, who is believed to be six-year-old Anzhelika, was thrown down the stairs of the grocery store in Rivne Oblast region in northern Ukraine.

In the clip, it is clear that Artem is frustrated. He forcibly grabs his daughter by her arm before forcing her down the steps to the supermarket.

Although the workers at the store argue that the dad threw his daughter down the steps, the father tells a different story, one that makes him look much better. He claims that she struggled to free herself from his grip and fell down the stairs when her arm released. In his story, he did nothing wrong. But the video evidence makes it clear that he’s not telling the whole truth.

After the little girl is thrown down the steps, she lands on the ground. She looks scared and upset. Instead of rushing down to help her, as Artem would have done if she had truly fallen, he simply turns his back on his injured daughter and walks into the store. Then he lets the little boy push the grocery cart, favoring him over the girl he just abused.

Fortunately, the little girl was not seriously injured. She rose from the ground and walked up to the steps that her father had just thrown her down. She then follows him into the store, although she is clearly not happy about doing that. This reaction indicates that Artem’s rage and violence are common around the home as it does not seem to faze the little girl much.

In response to the child abuse charges, police spokeswoman Zoriana Melnyk said: “The video drew the attention of the police after being posted on Facebook. Thanks to the local residents the man was quickly identified. The police visited the man’s family and his wife recognized him and their daughter in the video.”

When police started to question Artem, he claimed that his daughter and her preschool-aged brother were arguing and he had grown tired of all the fighting. Artem said he tried to calm them down, but they refused to listen to him, which sent him into a rage. After that, he grabbed his daughter by her arm and pulled her out of the supermarket – that’s when he threw her down the stairs.

“I just wanted to take her aside, but when we were on the porch, she pulled her arm out and fell.”

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