A mother of a two children wanted something more than anything else in the world – to have another baby to care for. However, Misty Machinshok was unable to give birth. That’s why she concocted a heinous plot to get her husband to rape her fifteen-year-old daughter as many times as necessary until she became pregnant. Fortunately, Misty’s plan came to a grinding halt when police in Pennsylvania found out what she wanted the girl’s 29-year-old stepfather to do to her.

However, the police did not catch Misty and her husband, Gary, before they committed the act. Instead, like a scene out of Handmaid’s Tale, Misty would hold her fifteen-year-old daughter’s hand while Gary raped the child. In addition, Misty also advised her husband on which sex positions to use as some were thought to promote conception better than others.

The child rape occurred every few days in 2013, and the teen will probably be scarred for life. Misty knew that what she was doing was criminal, which was why she created a cover story to hide what she was doing from her friends, family, and local authorities in her tight-knit community in Pennsylvania.

Authorities have charged Misty with several counts of child abuse and rape. Not only was Misty guilty for masterminding the conception by rape plot, but Gary also found himself in trouble with the law. Gary was found to have sexually assaulted Misty’s daughter when she was just eleven-years-old. He was probably excited about the plan because he had already been conducting the disturbing act of child rape long before Misty wanted him to get her daughter pregnant so she could have another baby to care for.

Misty will spend the next fifteen to thirty years behind bars for what she convinced her husband to do to her daughter.

If Gary had gotten her daughter pregnant, Misty had a plan to tell her family that a stranger at a house party had impregnated the teenage girl. However, the plan began to unravel when Misty’s child started to tell her friends about what was happening. That person told authorities at the school about what was happening. It didn’t take long for police to show up at the Pennsylvania home.

Gary pleaded guilty for raping the 15-year-old. But since he pleaded guilty, the prosecution got him to testify against his wife. He would not get charged for sexually assaulting the younger child because of that “deal.”

Members of the Pennsylvania community are deeply disturbed and upset that prosecutors would let him get away with raping a child.

The father of Misty, Bill Englert, claimed that she was not as guilty of the rape charges as the prosecution claimed. It appeared that Gary had used condoms to prevent pregnancy, which would have gone against Misty’s alleged plan.

“Even if that were true, it doesn’t make the fact that his daughter’s husband raped his own granddaughter, and that his daughter was complicit in the repeated crime, acceptable,” the report added.

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