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Sleeping Puppy Wakes Up And His Next Move Had Us Rolling On The Floor

Few things in life are cuter than puppies. Well, to be fair, most babies, no matter their species, are utterly adorable. It is an evolutionary tactic to make parents want to care for them. Why do you think puppies and babies are so cute? Who can ignore such a cutie pie? But the video making the rounds on the internet now, which we have included for your viewing pleasure below, will not only have you sighing from its cuteness but rolling on the floor laughing.

Watch as a Siberian Husky puppy wakes up among its litter and starts howling to wake its tiny brothers and sisters up to play for the day.

Although the pup’s brothers and sisters are still trying to get some shuteye, he doesn’t care. He wants them awake so they can play around with each other. And when you hear how this puppy howls, you’ll think you’ll watching a classic Star Wars movie. This Siberian husky puppy sounds just like Chewbacca. That’s right! He wants to be a Wookie!

If you’ve never seen Star Wars, stop reading and go watch it now. But if you’d rather check out this adorable video instead, know that the Wookies are a race of aliens from the planet Kashyyyk, which is in the Star Wars universe. They’re large, hairy bipeds that loosely resemble dogs. However, they are humanoid, but a lot stronger than you and me.

George Lucas based Chewbacca, who was the first Wookie presented to the world, was based on the director’s Alaskan malamute named Indiana. And this little husky has Chewbacca’s voice down perfectly.

Although you might think this husky is trying out for the next role of Chewbacca in the Star Wars franchise, the Husky Problems website suggests that he could just be bored and eager to play with his brothers and sisters.

“When boredom sets in for your husky, it can cause him/her to start howling. Also, when a husky starts howling, this means that he/she’s missing attention and/or interaction with the owner,” the website suggests.

Boredom is not the only reason a husky could howl. Husky Problems adds:

“First of all, this is the way that huskies communicate with each other in the wild. With your husky being domesticated, you’ve no need to see packs of Huskies running wild near your home and will keep from seeing the pack communicating with your husky. Still, the howling actions haven’t left your husky. Another reason why a husky starts howling is because of alarms or sirens that go off in the middle of the night. The main way you can tell that the howling is abnormal is if he/she keeps it up after the siren stops sounding off.”

Watch the video below to listen for yourself!

Based on this information, it sounds like this husky puppy is just bored. He wants his brothers and sisters up. But it is certainly funny to think of this little guy as holding his audition for Star Wars’ Chewbacca.

What is your reaction to this baby fur ball’s howl? Have you ever had a husky that howled like a Wookie?