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Soldier Comes Home Early To Surprise His Girlfriend, Her Reaction Is Everything

What this soldier did for his girlfriend might have been the motivation it took for the Philadelphia 76ers to defeat the Detroit Pistons 108 to 103 during Saturday’s game.

Sergeant Elliott Burgos might have lied to his girlfriend Angela, who is a danger for the NBA team, about when he was returning home from deployment. He had been in Kuwait for 11 months and told her that he would be getting back to the United States next week. It was a little white lie that he told for a very good reason as you’re about to see.

Instead of coming home next week, Sergeant Burgos appeared at Saturday’s game to surprise her.

In the clip, you’ll see the moment the 29-year-old Army Sergeant surprised his 23-year-old girlfriend Angela while she is out on the court dancing with her squad. And when she sees that her beloved Army man is back home after a lengthy deployment, she draws her hands up to her eyes in shock. She then swoons over the bouquet of flowers that he brought to surprise her while she was at work.

As her shock wears off, Angela runs over to Burgos and jumps into his arms. Then as the NBA audience rhapsodically applauds their public display of affection, they embrace for an extended amount of time. But nothing can replace the feeling Angela must have to see her beloved man back from his tour of duty in Kuwait.

As the audience watches, the pair of lovers poses for photos with the rest of the dance squad along with the 76ers team mascot. The photos depict Burgos having a wonderful time. He had not seen his girlfriend in a long time.

Because he had “tricked” her into thinking that he had another week in Kuwait, Angela was surprised to see him at the basketball game. But as ABC 6 Action News reported, she couldn’t have been happier to see her man after so long.

“There’s not many people who can surprise a loved one in front of 20,000 people, so I’m a lucky man,” Burgos told Fox29.

The couple has been “exclusive” with each other since September 2014.

Now that Burgos is back in the United States, the couple is excited to share their holidays together. And he was glad he was able to surprise his girlfriend in a viral homecoming moment.

Readers on Mail Online were eager to share their reactions to the military family reunion moment:

“Nice to have something to go home to for Christmas!”

“Looks like a lucky man. Thank you for your service.”

“Finally some good news. Happy Holidays everyone. Take some time for yourself and family.”

“I love these videos and am thankful another service member has made it home safely. Blessings to each and every one.”

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