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Soldier Was Stuck At The Airport. When I Saw What He Was Watching On His Phone My Heart Melted

May 5, 2018 is a day Army soldier Brooks Lindsey will never forget. He was desperate, at his wits’ end, and was doing the best he could. But on this day, his best was not enough. The soldier was hurrying to get home to Mississippi so he could witness the birth of his baby. But his wife had unexpectedly gone into labor before Brooks was prepared.

The doctor decided to induce her two weeks ahead of schedule because the baby was showing signs of stress. With the approval of his commanding officer, Brooks dropped everything and took the next flight home.

But then his plans started to unravel. His flight got delayed. As a result, he was stranded at the airport when he should have been by his side helping his wife through the birth of their baby. Despite the unexpected circumstances, Brooks kept looking for a way to be there for his wife. And while he sat in the airport with dozens of people around him, he watched the birth of his baby over FaceTime on his phone. Tracy Dover was among the people seeing the soldier watch the birth of his baby. And she snapped a picture of him and shared it on Facebook. In the now-viral image, you can see Brooks sitting on the airport floor with wide eyes as he stares at his phone. And then the Army man started to cry.

“He was crying, and our hearts were breaking,” Tracy shared. “We all gave him space. When we heard the baby cry, we all rejoiced for him.”

Although he was not able to be with his family during the day they needed him, he did the best he could given the unfavorable circumstances. And he found that the people at the airport did what they had to support the hero in uniform.

“I wanted to share this because I never want us to forget about our soldiers,” Tracy wrote. “(They) serve us every day and the sacrifices they make (are huge).”

Although his airline delayed his flight and did not make special accommodations for the soldier, he managed to make it home. That night he saw his wife and his newborn baby. He was able to hold his daughter on her birthday. And it meant the world to him.

“It was a pretty exciting — and scary — moment,” Brooks said in a phone interview from Fort Bliss, Texas with the Washington Post.

“It’s exciting to be a dad now; it was exciting to see it on FaceTime,” he said. But he said he would much rather have witnessed the birth of his daughter in person.

Nevertheless, he said, “we have a really awesome story to tell our daughter about her birth.”

But when he saw his baby born over the phone, he broke into tears.

“He went from tears to the biggest smile you ever saw,” another passenger said.

The birth of his daughter gave him a new purpose for joining the military. She became his reason to fight for America.

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