Someone Dumped Trash On His Land. He Found Their Address On An Envelope And Got Revenge : AWM

Someone Dumped Trash On His Land. He Found Their Address On An Envelope And Got Revenge

When someone dumped trash on a California farmer’s land, they probably never expected to see it again. Quick and easy (and illegal) disposal, right? They not only dropped their trash, however, but also gave away their identity and the farmer was quick to retaliate. The land owner made the discovery while out surveying his fields, finding a pile of trash bags left behind.

He went through the junk that was discarded on his property and found an envelope — with an address! Deciding it was best to deliver the trash back to its rightful owner, he piled all of it into the bed of his truck and went in search of the address he found on the envelope.

He pulled up to the home, dumped the trash in their driveway and drove away. It was definitely the right way to pay back the litter bugs and no doubt there was some sense of closure for the farmer. Did he teach them a lesson? Maybe, maybe not. But it had to make him feel better, anyway.

Among the many people that commented on the story on social media were those who have witnessed this kind of behavior before. Comments included: “This is awesome! We used to live in the country and people were always dumping everything from furniture to unwanted pets” and “This also happens in the city where people decide that some places are ok to dump trash, in an alley, in a wash, you name it and it is dumped. These people are so disrespectful.”

Another commenter shared: “That is exactly what we did several years ago — it put a stop to garbage being dumped on our place! Hope they enjoyed seeing their junk in their front yard!!”

While one person said it “seems reasonable,” they also were willing to bet that “the culprit will probably just find another place instead of forking out garbage collection fees.” They’re probably not wrong.

Another person who lives in the country on a farm explained: “His farm is not a dump, he has the right to return there property. It happens to us all the time, you get tired of people disrespecting other people’s property!”

There was also some discussion about whether or not this was the right way to handle the situation, as one person noted: “Two wrongs don’t make a right… but can understand the appeal of doing this.” When another person responded, “Why is it wrong to return his trash to him? Authorities will do nothing,” the original commenter explained: “Because I don’t think it was his trash that the farmer returned, my interpretation is that the farmer dumped his own trash. Either way, doesn’t solve any problem.”

Another person explained the mess someone left on their property, which definitely left a bad taste in their mouth: :We had two full garbage bags of diapers dumped in our field this spring and an old office partition dumped off too. These people have zero respect for private property or the environment.”

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