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Someone Left A Giant Birdcage At The Pet Shelter, But Nobody Could Believe What Was Inside

The amazing men and women who dedicate their time working at one of the thousands of animal shelters across America deserve a round of applause. These brave souls spend every single day working in grimy, disgusting, and sometimes tragic situations – and they don’t do it for the money. The animal rescuers are dedicated to improving the lives of the millions of suffering animals across our great nation.

Animal Aid in Oakland Park, Florida is a rescue shelter that relies on the passion of volunteers to accomplish their mission. Recently, the staff there were confronted with a disturbing image when they discovered a birdcage sitting outside.

Someone had left the cage there with a pit bull barely clinging to life locked inside. Only someone without a conscience could have subjected this loving, living creature to such abuse. Not only was the puppy malnourished, she was suffering from mange and a disgusting number of painful sores.

Animal Aid named their new friend Birdie. They immediately set out to provide the care that this poor pup was going to need to survive even one more day. Although if you’d been through what she had, maybe you wouldn’t want to.

Her mange and sores were treated with the proper medication and rest. Birdie also started eating everything she could and soon she was back to a healthy weight. The rescue team accomplished their goals and got Birdie back to health, which meant it was time to put her up for adoption.

“She has been started on oral ivermectin for mange, and cephalexin for her skin infection, she was given a medicated bath,” they wrote in a Facebook post seeking a home for Birdie. “We also microchipped her and gave her her vaccinations for distemper and parvo. She will be spayed and given a rabies vaccine when she is well enough.”

Regina Vlasek from the Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation saw the post and instantly fell in love. She adopted Birdie as soon as she could, and now this long-suffering pup was finally going home!

She took the pit bull pup for a more thorough inspection, and the vet discovered that Birdie had a staph infection. If it hadn’t been caught in time, Birdie could have died without ever finding a home.

“I would say that the reason the majority of people leave their dogs is because they can’t properly care for medical conditions,” Vlasek told The Dodo. “For people who don’t have enough money, it can be overwhelming.”

Adopting a pet is almost like having another child. Yet so many people adopt dogs and cats without ever considering the expense, their current budget, or the time it takes to properly care for another living, breathing creature. So before you adopt a pet of your own, make sure you can afford it – both in time and money.

The best part about working at a rescue clinic is seeing an animal you brought back to life find their forever home. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of providing a connection like that, sometimes even saving a life in the process.

Rescue clinics like Animal Aid will be around for as long as people continue to abuse dogs. All of these clinics do amazing work, so consider volunteering or donating to your local clinic today. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even fall in love with your next little furry friend!

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