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Someone Wants To Buy This Old Cruise Ship And Turn It Into Housing For The Homeless

Portland, Maine is one of the most populated cities along the northeastern coast of the United States. And like most metropolitan areas in the country, Portland has been dealing with a massive influx of homelessness in recent years. Because people do not have any affordable housing available to them, they are unable to find places to live and thus have no other option but to struggle for life on the streets of the city.

Homelessness is not only bad for the people directly suffering from it. It is also challenging for cities. No resident of a city wants to see fellow human beings struggling to make ends meet, begging for small change and food on the streets, and altogether having a hard time getting from one day to the next. A solution to homelessness would be good, not only for the people who have nowhere to live but for everyone else around them.

That’s why one rich entrepreneur from Portland, Maine, has come forward to share an idea that has changed the views of what is possible as affordable housing. The idea that this local entrepreneur has come up with is – to move the homeless people in the city of Portland onto a boat.

Ken Capron wants to repurpose old cruise ships into homeless shelters. And the idea is actually quite good. If he gets what he needs in terms of support, he will be able to permanently dock a large ship in Portland and then move masses of homeless people onto it. Not only will these people have a place to sleep that is warm and safe, but they also won’t need to struggle for food and shelter on the city streets of the New England town.

If the city goes for Capron’s plan, Portland would create a floating ecosystem for homeless people. It would be a neighborhood that could empower people and give them a chance to live for affordable rates and learn vital life skills to improve their lot in life and do something good in the world.

“We’re looking at four populations. The homeless population, the low-income population, the workforce population, and immigrant population who all need housing. They all need job skills training. We would offer that on board,” Capron told WTMW.

Because Capron has been thinking about this idea for some time and knows exactly how he wants to execute it, he has convinced the mayor to consider it seriously. The cruise ship would be divided up into five levels that would all be outfitted with housing units – hundreds of them.

“It’s a creative idea,” Capron said. “This is a solution to so many problems.”

Not only would the cruise ship idea give people a place to live, but it would also help clean up the city streets and empower people with job skills so they can improve their lot in life.

“I have no idea if it’s the craziest idea I’ve ever heard or the most brilliant idea I’ve ever heard,” Mayor Ethan Strimling said. “But what I like about it is that he’s coming up with creative ways to figure out how to build housing in the city of Portland.”

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