Spoiled Kid Destroys The Car His Parents Bought Him Into A River Because It Wasn’t Cool Enough : AWM

Spoiled Kid Destroys The Car His Parents Bought Him Into A River Because It Wasn’t Cool Enough

Was there ever a birthday or a holiday growing up when you got upset over your gift? Perhaps, you asked for a certain G.I. Joe or Barbie but got another one instead. Did you throw a fit? Or did you just smile and pretend that you liked the gift even though it wasn’t what you wanted? While there is nothing inherently wrong about not liking a gift, this spoiled teenage took entitlement to a whole new level when he pushed the brand-new BMW his parents bought him for his birthday into the river because he wanted to get a Jaguar instead.

Because parents want their children to be happy on their birthdays, no parent wants to see their little one throwing a fit over a present they didn’t like. However, what this teenager from India did push things over the limit when he pushed the BMW into a river.

Because the parents bought the boy a BMW, to save money, he was outraged that they had gotten cheap on him. He had asked for the Jaguar and begged his parents for it. Although the parents thought that the boy would be happy with the luxury car they did get him, they were shocked when he pushed it into the river because he was so upset that it was not a Jaguar.

Because the boy did not care that the parents had spent about $50,000 on the luxury car and pushed it into the river, he proved that he was nothing more than a spoiled brat who wanted things his way or the highway. And he wanted to experience the highway in a Jaguar and not a BMW.

The boy, named Akash, wanted to teach his parents a lesson. However, the boy quickly learned to regret his decision because he ruined the car by pushing it into the rushing water of the river. The boy realized only too late that he had forfeited his expensive luxury car gift only because it was not exactly the type of car he had wanted. It would be like an Olympic champion flushing their Silver medal down the drain because they had wanted Gold.

I can only imagine the feeling Akash must have had in his gut while he watched his expensive gift floating down the river. Although he jumped in after the car following his mistake, he ruined the luxury vehicle and proved to his parents that he was never capable of owning a car in the first place. Akash not only had no respect, but he also was not responsible enough to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Instead, the parents should punish him by making him take the public bus wherever he has to go – and not drive the luxury car they had tried to give him.

The video included here shows you when Akash makes the mistake of driving the BMW into the river after he was not given the luxury car of his teenage dreams.

What do you think about this shocking display of entitlement?

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