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Starbucks Boycott Is In Full Force After They Kicked 5 Police Officers Out On 4th Of July

There’s a new trend going around that has Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz up against the ropes. After an Arizona location of the coffee shop booted out five cops following a customer’s complaint about them, conservatives around the country have launched a rallying cry around the hashtag #DumpStarbucks. While the successful coffee shop is trying not to look like they’re shivering in their boots, the Arizona staff workers who listened to the customer who “didn’t feel safe” around the armed police officers, people are up in arms.

It has only been a few months since an officer from the same Arizona police department shot dead a 14-year-old boy who was unarmed. Because the people in the community are still on edge after the shooting of the innocent child, they are worried around the armed police officers. Nevertheless, Starbucks treaded on the tender ground when the worker decided to kick the five cops out of the location to appease the scared customers.

Now the president of the Tempe Police union is asking people to join the #DumpStarbucks boycott after the officers were asked to leave. To get people on board with the boycott, the police union mocked the famous Starbucks logo with the phrase “Dump Starbucks” on it. The image showed a hand pouring out the contents of a coffee cup.

The incident occurred on July 4. A customer had told Starbucks staff members that they “didn’t feel safe” around the group of armed police officers and that’s when the staff member took it upon themselves to ask the police officers to leave.

In response, people were shocked that the Starbucks location would do that. They turned to social media to write, “Thank you, police … for keeping America safe.”

Another person on social media called the scared customer a “criminal.”

However, the killing of an unarmed 14-year-old boy is still fresh on the minds of everyone in Tempe, Arizona. The cop drew his firearm and shot the teen in the back while the boy was running away from him.

Another Arizona cop, this one from Phoenix, also threatened to shoot down an entire family after a child took a doll from a store. With police officers ready to pull the trigger, it is no wonder why some residents in Arizona might not feel safe around cops.

After shooting the unarmed boy in the back and killing him, Police Officer Joseph Jaen met with Chief Slyvia Moir to resign from the police department in May. Although police claim that Jaen’s resignation is separate from the killing, they are still conducting a full investigation and criminal review into what happened on that January day.

Jaen shot and killed Antonio Arce, 14 when he was running away from the cop. Jaen felt “threatened” by the teen who was fleeing in the opposite direction.

While the police union calls for a boycott, others ask: “Maybe people should ask themselves why is it that American citizens are increasingly feeling uncomfortable with police presence? What are they doing? I’ve never heard of firefighters or EMTs being denied service.”

What do you think is happening?

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