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Steve Harvey Apologizes To Mom After Her Daughter Buzzes In With This Racy Answer

Ever since Steve Harvey accepted the job as host of “Family Feud,” he has been sweating bullets. Little did Harvey know but the contestants on the show have dirtier minds than he can handle. Whenever someone says something that is remotely racy, he grimaces, grinds his teeth, and tries to make a joke about it at the expense of the contestant, and usually, he plays it off well and gets a lot of laughs out of it.

But on this recent episode of Family Feud, Steve Harvey realized that one contestant simply went too far with her answer. The girl at the buzzer was just 14-years-old and the daughter of 90210 actress Jennie Garth. Because she thought she raised her daughter right, she trusted her to take the lead on the ground and go up to face off against the other team on the episode of Family Feud.

Little did Garth know but her daughter had a much dirtier mind than she realized. Perhaps, it was all the social media and reality television she consumes on a daily basis. Perhaps it was something she heard her mother saying behind closed doors. Wherever she heard it, it was too late to take it back now. And the teen had uttered the racy answer in front of Steve Harvey and the American television audience. And as everyone who watches Family Feud knows, Harvey will never let a contestant live down an embarrassing and racy answer.

Harvey was shocked to hear a young teen utter such a dirty response to the innocuous survey question. And the audience could not contain their glee at hearing the controversial answer slip from the lips of 14-year-old Lola. Even her stepfather, Dave, could not hold back his laughter, despite the urgings of his wife, Jennie.

One of the reasons this question was so controversial had to do with the subject. It was about Steve Harvey himself. And that was sure to turn the host red with embarrassment.

Harvey was forced to ask the contestants: “We asked 100 women: Name something you’d love Steve Harvey to teach your man how to do better.”

While there are a dozen or so things that Steve Harvey is great at – public speaking, holding a conversation, waxing his bald head, trimming a mustache – it was the shocking answer that Lola uttered that left Harvey with only one solution – to apologize to her mother on the daughter’s behalf.

So what did Lola have in mind? Apparently, she wants Steve Harvey to teach her man more about “Sex!”

Jennie was shocked to hear her look-alike daughter, who is only fourteen, wants Harvey to teach men about sex. How would she know? Why would that even be in her mind?

Jennie throws her hands up in shock. She can’t believe her daughter has such a dirty mind.

Harvey has only one course of action. He’s a gentleman through and through, so he turns to Jennie and her husband and mouths, “I’m sorry.”

How would you have reacted if your teen daughter answered that way?

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