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Steve Harvey Gets Embarrassed When The Family Feud Question Is About His Wife

Throughout his time on Family Feud, host Steve Harvey has heard millions of ridiculous answers. Well, maybe not millions, but certainly thousands of bad answers that leave him cringing. Because Steve Harvey gets very squeamish when any top that is the slightest bit sexual comes onto the program, he is hypersensitive to the contest answers that dig into the sexual-angle and make him squirm in his leather shoes.

Because the writers on Family Feud know how sensitive Steve Harvey can get, they decided to prank him a little bit one day when they set up a hilarious question for the contestants.

“What do you think Steve Harvey’s wife would say is the best thing about him?”

Clearly, there are a lot of ways the contestants could go with this one. But the young woman, who rang in first, decided to go with the most obvious – and most sensitive – the thing that really sets Steve Harvey off.

“His bald head,” she announces in a southern accent.

Although Harvey wishes and wishes that the answer would not appear on the board, everyone watching at home knows it’s up there. And sure enough, the answer pops up as the fourth most popular answer from the one hundred people surveyed.

But this gives the other woman at the buzzer a chance to steal and choose to play or pass. She guesses that the people surveyed thought that Steve Harvey’s wife would say the best thing about him is his “mustache.”

However, the “sexy stache” was just the seventh most popular answer.

When the play goes to the young woman’s family, they express just how excited they are to talk about what they love about Steve Harvey. They just cannot wait to get going.

Steve Harvey is cringing. He cannot handle the attention.

When he asks the next woman, she declares what she’s been thinking for years.

“Your lips, Steve.”

Sure enough, his smile and lips are on the board. But he just has to go again.

“I’ve never been embarrassed, but right now, I’m really feeling it,” he said in the clip.

The next woman says that the best thing about Harvey is “his money.”

The audience roars with laughter, and the host turns even redder.

That answer is also on the board. It fills in the number three spot.

“We can go on all night long,” the next woman says.

Harvey melts under their affection. He simply cannot handle the compliments. The women are very aggressive with their affection – and because he’s married – that’s putting a lot of pressure on him. While it must be uncomfortable for him, it sure is fun to watch.

Take a few minutes to watch the entire clip included below. You’ll get to see Steve Harvey collapse under the pressure of those women’s affection and love for him. It’s a hilarious moment caught on tape. Those Family Feud writers knew exactly what to do to make Harvey feel the heat.

What do you think about the question? How would you handle it if you were in Harvey’s shoes?

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