Back in 1970, Steve Irwin’s father, Bob, built the Australia Zoo from the ground up. The zoo, which is based in Queensland, Australia, was passed on to Steve and his wife, Terri, in 1992. Now, the 83-year-old patriarch is planning to fight Terri in a legal battle in an effort to reclaim the zoo he had built when he was a much younger man.

After Steve Irwin tragically passed away following an accident with a sting ray in 2006, his widow, Terri, 58, continued to act as the owner and operator of the world-famous zoo. However, Bob Irwin is not happy that Terri continues to be at the helm of the popular attraction. He has taken an issue with Terri for commercializing the wildlife park, which Bob Irwin claims has divorced it from its original focus on the animals.

A source close to the battle between Bob Irwin and his daughter-in-law told New Idea, “Bob’s genuine passion for the environment and all creatures great and small has given him the courage to push Terri to hand back the keys.”

The source added, “The final straw for Bob was a recent announcement they were opening up the grounds for rock concerts, with Terri’s mate Russell Crowe and his band set to be one of the first rowdy gigs. Bob finds it insulting that this conservation haven he was the brainchild of is now attracting thousands of partygoers – next thing you know, they’ll be hosting Schoolies!”

Following the death of Steve Irwin in 2006, his father became estranged from Steve’s widow and their children. Now, Terri and her children, 24-year-old Bindi and son Robert, who was named after Bob Irwin, no longer speak to the patriarch.

Irwin died while filming a documentary in the waters off the coast of Queensland, Australia. He was stabbed in the chest by a stingray barb while wading in the waters of Batt Reef.

Back in September, sources claimed that Bob was “devastated” that he had not yet got to meet his great-granddaughter. This child is the first child born to his estranged granddaughter Bindi, and so Bob wants to meet her so he can see how his son lives on through the generations.

Bindi gave birth to her daughter, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, back in March 2021. According to an article published by Women’s Day, Bindi has not allowed her daughter to meet her 83-year-old great-grandfather.

“He still talks about Steve and the kids, but it’s with sadness. I’m sure he’s devastated not to know his great-grandchild,” an insider close to the family told the magazine.

In addition, photographs of Bob have been removed from the Irwin family home at the Australia Zoo. The source also told Women’s Day that Bob wants to make peace with Bindi so he can be accepted in the family again.

Now, Bob is going to fight Terri for possession of the Australia Zoo after years of allowing his estranged daughter-in-law to operate it.