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Stranger Leaves An Anonymous Note For New Parents At The Hospital, But The Nurses Track Her Down

Each baby birth is a miracle. When you pause and think about it – the fact of how human beings come into existence is breathtaking. After an act of love, the fertilized egg grows to become a fetus and eventually a human being with thoughts, feelings, and dreams. But only the extreme act of birth does the baby come into the world and experience everything for the first time.

Parents Connie Despanie and Benjamin Hill welcomed their son into the world. As soon as they saw him, the couple from Louisiana knew they would name him Kingston. And as they were filling out paperwork, a nurse came over with a note that left them in tears.

Only a few hours after Connie checked into the hospital to give birth to Kingston, security cameras picked up a strange incident. A woman rushed over to the front desk of the OB unit at the Lafayette General Medical Center and thrust a hand-written note at her. She utters a few instructions and then rushes away before her identity could be revealed. She then disappears, trying to remain anonymous.

But the nurses tracked her down and confronted her about it later after Connie read the note about her son.

When Connie and Benjamin received the note, they were caught off guard. While their family had sent their congratulations, this woman was a stranger to them. They were skeptical.

As the couple read the letter, Connie’s doctor Jennifer Pugliese watched them react. The latter shared her interpretation of the events with CBS News.

“She started reading it silently, and she just had tears streaming down her face.”

The stranger in the video might not have known the new parents, but she was no stranger to the hospital. She had been there the days leading up to Kingston’s birth because her father was dying.

Nurses identified her as Jamie Fontenot. Her father James had passed away right before Kingston’s birth. And as Jamie was walking around in a daze, she heard a lullaby come through the hospital’s speakers. It was their way of announcing the birth of a baby.

Jamie understood at that moment that this was the first baby born since her father had passed. And it held religious meaning to her. And as feelings flooded her senses, she pulled out a scrap of paper and wrote a note to the new parents.

“To my dad’s angel. Even though I will never know your name, you are the first child to be born after my Dad’s passing at 10:41 am this morning. When one life is taken, another is given – so you are the angel.”

Although Jamie knew her note would make an impact on the new parents, she never thought she’d meet Kingston. Although Jamie asked to be anonymous, the nurses tracked her down and told the press. In the video below, watch as Jamie and the family are united in an emotional and heartwarming moment.

What do you think about this fated meeting of these two families?