Stranger Saves A Woman On The Subway, And Her Note To Him Is Now Going Viral : AWM

Stranger Saves A Woman On The Subway, And Her Note To Him Is Now Going Viral

When a young woman boarded the subway to get to work, she never thought it would turn out to be a ride that would change her life forever. But now she has shared a note to the man, thanking him for what he did. At first, the woman thought he was simply harassing her because he had followed her onto the train and was trying to sweet-talk her – until something unexpected happens.

When men catcall at women on the street, it can be very demeaning. The way it is done shows that the man who was doing it only considers the woman to be a “piece of meat” or “property” that they can possess. And it does not feel good to be treated like an object rather than a human being.

That’s why one woman came forward to share a story about her recent experience on the 1 train in New York City. She titled the post “Thank you to the buy on the subway who could read my body language,” and then proceeded to write the details of her story.

“I got on the 1 train here, and a man got on after me. This happens everywhere. I had my keys between my hands but barely noticeable because this guy has been standing behind me for the whole 6 minutes I waited for the train (calling me baby, etc.). I sat down, and he sat over me holding the bar, and I felt so anxious like throwing up, so I stood up near a bunch of other people holding the rail.

“Then this guy says to me ‘hey Lauren. You going to Jeff’s dinner party, too?’ I was confused for a sec because he was staring at me and my name isn’t Lauren. It took me like 10 seconds to even realize what he was doing. I said yeah. And he said ‘perfect timing. We can walk together. What stop were you going to get off on.’ And I told him. Then he says look what Jeff texted me and handed me the notes app which had “are you OK?’ And he kind of moved to the side so I could write in it. I told him this guy was following me.”

Once the man realized that the woman was in danger, he promised to help her get home safely. He took her to her stop and made sure to walk with her so the creepy man who was stalking her would not be able to do anything funny.

The woman then wrote about how grateful she was for the man for stepping in and helping her. If it wasn’t for his intervention, she might have been frozen with panic.

“I am so thankful men like him are out there and aware of situations like that. In New York, most people really keep to themselves so thank you very much, Michael, where you are. I am sorry I made you late, but you were like my guardian angel.”

What do you think about the way this man stepped in to help her?

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